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We have partnered with travel experts Based On A True Story to provide you with some wonderful inspiration for your private jet travel over the next few months. Offering a more magical experience than a ‘travel agency’, they create unique propositions curated entirely around the client’s wishes, interests and preferences. Since their first project over ten years ago, they haven’t repeated a single experience and never will.

A Family Safari in Botswana

botswana safari

Arriving to the wonderful Mombo Camp amidst the wildlife-rich Chiefs Island. 

If you are looking for a special experience with your family, this wonderful safari in
the wildlife-rich Botswana would be ideal. Pristine. Abundant. Superlative. Botswana offers a carnival of wildlife spectacles. A wilderness of savannahs, deserts, wetlands, and salt pans; from the mighty Kalahari to the Okavango Delta – a tectonic trough fed by the Okavango River and dissected by lazy waterways, lagoons, and islands – Botswana has strong game. A private jet takes you to Maun where you'll connect for a short and incredibly scenic flight over the labyrinths of waterways by King Air before landing at your opulent safari lodge.

What to do in Botswana when you've arrived by private jet

Encounter prolific wildlife on a 4x4 safari accompanied by a legendary guide; soar above galloping game by hot air balloon or private aircraft; explore labyrinthine waterways by mokoro dugout canoes; track herds by helicopter or quad; spend a night camping in luxury among the ancient baobabs and granite boulders of ethereal Kubu Island, or in a custom-built treehouse above a watering hole; travel with the ancient San Bushmen, hunting and gathering, before dancing around the fire under the stars; walk fossil river valleys; focus your lens on a pride of black-maned lions; hear the trumpeting procession of elephants in Chobe National Park by day and enchanting local choirs by night.

Combine the finest luxury private safari lodges with specially set up Hemingway-style luxury camps, both exceptionally serviced. The best time to go is June to October when the waterways are full, the sun is high and the game is rich. But if you don't mind the occasional shower, the land is most verdant from November to April. Botswana also works really well in combination with Victoria Falls and a discovery of Namibia, all conveniently linked by private aircraft.

Nearest airport: Maun
Flight time from London: 11 hours
Recommended private jet: Falcon 8X


An Expedition to Mongolia

mongolia expedition

An educational expedition following in the footsteps of Genghis Khan sweeps clients across the steppes for a rare encounter with Kazakh eagle hunters. 

This engaging expedition sweeps you across the Mongolian steppes like no other. Extreme. Nomadic. Bewildering. Asia's true wilderness echoes in the mind. From the harsh Gobi Desert, home to its two-humped camels, to the majestic, glaciated Altai Mountains, home to the iconic Kazakh eagle hunters, the steppe's untouched rolling hills and majestic Lake Khövsgöl and the Tsaatan reindeer herders. Mongolia is adventure unpacked.

What to do in Mongolia when you've arrived by private jet 

Travel through the wide expanses of Mongolia by 4x4; ride on horseback with the great Kazakh eagle hunters; spend nights with nomads sleeping in traditional ger tents; encounter Mongolia's expert horsemen on its grassland steppe; stock up on sumptuous, fine cashmere at the markets; venture into the Gobi Desert and climb to the top of the Khongoryn Els dunes; take a camel ride to the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag, the world's largest dinosaur graveyard; explore the striking Winter Palace of Bogd Khaan in the capital, Ulaanbaatar; take a 4x4 out to the ruins of Genghis Khan's capital, Karakorum under the huge bowl of blue sky in the Mongolian outback.

There is a variety of accommodation options to choose from - luxurious hotels in the capital; traditional Mongolian luxury camps, gers and yurts. With extreme variations in climate from summer to winter, June to August is the best time, bringing mostly warm and dry weather.

Nearest airport: Ulaanbaatar
Flight time from London: 8 hours 30 min
Recommended private jet: Gulfstream 650

A Superyacht Cruise in Alaska

alaska superyacht cruise

An adult male orca whale surfaces in the calm waters of Lynn Canal, Inside Passage, Tongass National Forest.

Isolated. Mighty. Extreme. Hear the call of the wild in Alaska. The sheer scale of Alaska's pristine wilderness is difficult to grasp. 54 million acres of national park play host to grizzly bears, meandering moose, imposing mountains and fairy-tale fjords. With the ever-changing seasons bringing spectacular new perspectives, America's 49th State has to be seen to be believed.

What to do on your superyacht cruise in Alaska 

Set off by private yacht to explore the bays and islets of the fabled Inside Passage; test your photography skills on Alaska's dramatic shifting light; immerse yourself in a silent world and explore coves mirrored to perfection in a kayak at dawn; join expert anglers to fish for wild king salmon and halibut; sea-kayak with whales; get up close with the native community in a traditional welcoming ceremony; take a bush plane high over the tundra for breathtaking views en route to a remote luxury lodge; cruise the majestic landscapes of Tebenkof and Gut Bay, surrounded by feeding whales and soaring eagles; watch the Pacific sunset on Kruzof Island from the side of a volcano; drive deep into Denali National Park to witness the grandeur of North America's highest peak.

Immerse yourself in the wild spirit of Alaska, cruising on-board your own privately chartered superyacht, and combine with characterful lodges only accessible by air or sea. Mid-May to August is the perfect window of opportunity in Alaska. Nature is in full bloom and with the sun barely setting, the limitless light allows for long adventurous days. 

Nearest airport: Ketchikan
Flight time from London: 8 hours 35 min
Recommended private jet: Global 6000 

If you would like to find out more about any of these experiences please contact our Private Jets team, who can talk you through all the available options. | +44 1293 844 886 

About Based On A True Story

Based On A True Story operates more as a creative service than a 'travel agency' or 'concierge company'. We create and implement special and one-off journeys all around the world. Since our first project over ten years ago we have not repeated a single experience and never will. We don't sell, market, advertise any locations. We believe in the wonderful potential for a client, family and friends, to step into their own magical and extraordinary journey and experiences in life. Each assignment is a unique proposition created entirely around a clients' wishes, interests and preferences (or usually more specifically, our interpretation of their needs) - right from the initial enquiry, through the meticulous research and build, to the delivery on the ground, blending unique creativity and utter attention to detail, all the way to final departure and beyond. Every one of our journeys is managed and facilitated on the ground by at least one of our own staff, who ensures that the journey runs seamlessly and that every wish ensues, adding plenty of charm and creative spontaneity through fun and surprises all along the way. With substantial expertise in professional travel photography they also capture the entire journey, with the results presented in a beautifully printed, leather-bound book, showcasing the entire holiday in pro-level photography. Before the memories fade, this exquisite book is delivered as a unique and valuable memento of the travel - everything based on a true story...