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Citation XLS

An Expert's Review

The Citation XLS at a glance

Range: 1,722nm 

Seating: 7 - 8

Total baggage capacity: 90 cu.ft

Take off field length: 3,560 ft

High Speed Cruise: 431 knots

Total cabin volume: 461 cubic feet

In time for summer, here is our experts review on the Citation XLS – its features and why this is such a popular choice amongst our clients.

The Citation Excel / XLS line offers the best-selling business jets of all time. Manufactured by Cessna, the original model, the Citation Excel that first flew in 1996 combined a shortened version of the Citation X fuselage with the wing and tail of the Encore.

The XLS is an updated version of the Citation Excel, taking over from it in 2004 with superior range and speed than its predecessor. A further upgraded version, the Citation XLS+ had it’s first flight in 2007.

The model has two Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines and a high pressure core that increase the XLS’s engines thrust to 3,975 pounds each result in the ability to operate out of small airports with a minimum take off distance of around 3,500 ft. 

The performance is similar to a light jet - it can climb to altitude in just 18 minutes and has all the comfort and amenities of a midsize jet with an 18.7 ft long cabin and a generous baggage capacity of 90 cubic feet.

A spacious business jet, the cabin seats eight passengers - two facing sideways opposite the cabin entry door, four in a club arrangement at mid-cabin and two facing forward at the vanity divider in the rear. The cabin is both quiet and draft free, thanks to a triple sealed entry door and triple pane windows.

The XLS has its own niche as an entry-level mid-size jet offering, outstanding performance and low acquisition and operating costs. It has become a firm favourite with Air Partner clients. 

If you too would like to experience the Citation XLS please contact our Private Jets team, who can talk you through all the available options. You can email or call us on +44 1293 844 886.