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Embraer Legacy 500

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The Embraer Legacy 500 at a glance

legacy 500

Range 3,125nm

Seating 8 - 12

Total baggagecapacity 155 cu.ft

Take off field length 4,084 ft

Engine thrust 7,036 lbf

MMO 0.83 Mach 

Maximum operation altitude 45,000 ft

Avionics Suite Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion

Here at Air Partner, we are always looking for ways in which we can go that extra mile for our clients and give them an experience like no other. One of the ways in which we can do this is by chartering the very latest aircraft models – and this is something we have been seeing increasing demand for, especially among our more tech and aviation savvy clients.

Just recently, a number of our clients were among the first in Europe to charter the Legacy 500, the long-awaited, state-of-the-art super midsize jet from Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. Judging by this and other aircraft in its fleet (such as the Phenom 100, Phenom 300 and Lineage 1000, to name but a few), it would appear that Embraer’s mission is to give customers more aircraft for their money – something we’ve never heard any complaints about!

The Legacy 500 certainly does not disappoint in this respect: at 27.6 feet, the cabin is the longest in its class and can seat between eight and 12 passengers, while the eight-club seat configuration can be converted into four spacious beds. It also has a baggage capacity of 155 cubic feet – so it’s the perfect choice for those who do not pack (or shop) light.

As you might expect, the aircraft also boasts the latest in on-board entertainment, displayed on 19” HD screens with individual touchscreen and wireless iPad/iPhone controls. What’s more, the connectivity is among the best in  

the world, so whether you are flying for business or leisure, you won’t be short of ways to pass the time - unless of course you would rather just relax in your luxurious seat and watch the world out the window with your favourite tipple in hand.

Another stand out feature for our clients was the smoothness of the flight, which is a product of the aircraft’s digital flight controls, based on Fly-By-Wire technology. Definitely a plus for more anxious flyers! The aircraft is also the first of the super midsize jets to follow the lead of the Boeing- 787 and Airbus A350 in lowering the cabin pressurisation to 6,000ft instead of the standard 8,000ft - no wonder our clients have commented how surprisingly refreshed they felt post-flight.

If all of this wasn’t enough to guarantee the Legacy 500’s enduring popularity, then its capability to take off from short runways certainly will: this means passengers will be able to fly from and to a number of smaller airports that other aircraft in its category may not be able to – such as London City Airport – for an even more convenient journey.

If you too would like to experience the cutting-edge of aviation technology – on a Legacy 500 or other – please contact our Private Jets team, who can talk you through all the available options. You can email or call us on +44 1293 844 886.