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The changing future of business travel

19 ago. 2020

After a long period of lockdown, travel restrictions in many countries began to ease. Encouraged, countless travellers made plans for upcoming trips only to see the reinforcement of several travel-bans a few weeks later. These new regulations have not only affected the leisure traveller, but are wreaking havoc on everyone’s schedule from sports teams to corporates and creating a lasting change in how these groups travel.

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14 ago. 2020

As the world emerges from the coronavirus outbreak and our desire for travel grows, we have seen a significant increase in demand for private jet travel particularly from first-time clients who realise the safety, convenience and flexibility this service provides. With government quarantine restrictions continuously changing, flexibility to change travel plans with little notice has never been more important.

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Five things to consider for a time-critical charter

06 ago. 2020

Time-critical deliveries are usually required in order to avoid significant costs. For example, our automotive clients often urgently require delivery of parts to avoid production line disruptions. Medical equipment or relief goods are urgently needed when it comes to natural disasters. Aircraft parts are required to be delivered in the fastest way in order to resolve an aircraft-on-ground situation. In most cases cargo charter or Onboard Courier (OBC) solutions are the best options.

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Maintaining safety and providing efficiencies with charter flights for time critical projects during Covid-19

01 jun. 2020

With Covid-19 bringing a rapidly changing landscape for businesses globally, many companies are turning to charter flights as an efficient way of flying key workers to keep essential projects on track. Private charter allows companies to exercise extra duty of care for employees to ensure safety, and our expertise allows clients a way of managing rapidly changing requirements for travel globally.

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Why a robust emergency evacuation plan is crucial during the Covid-19 pandemic

29 may. 2020

Whilst lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease in many areas across the world, Covid-19 remains an ongoing pandemic, bringing disruption and future uncertainty to businesses globally. To help safeguard employees working on operations in remote or risk areas, having comprehensive air evacuation cover has become more important than ever before.

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Private Jet Market Update during COVID-19

26 may. 2020

We’ve already noticed an increase in private jet demand and we expect this to grow as more countries emerge from lockdown and loosen their travel restrictions. To help you navigate your travel plans in the wake of COVID-19, our Managing Director of Charter, Kevin Macnaughton, has put together key market trends and our advice for travelling at this time.

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Reduce your risk with private jet charter

24 may. 2020

As the world begins to mobilise again, we are seeing an uplift in demand for private jet charter with new bookings being made for the coming months. Not only will charter bridge the gap left by cancelled and cut scheduled services, but it also offers the most controllable environment for travel to minimise your risk of exposure to COVID-19, supported by the added reassurance and measures provided by our Safety & Security division. Here are some reasons to consider private jet charter during these uncertain times.

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Critical corporate flights to keep your business moving

19 may. 2020

There have been many businesses who have had to continue working throughout COVID-19, and many more who will look to start mobilising staff as travel restrictions slowly lift. Throughout the crisis we have seen a sharp uplift in businesses relying on us to move their people safely and reliably, particularly within critical industries such as oil and gas. As we emerge from the crisis, we expect more businesses to assess how they can recommence travel whilst keeping risk of exposure to the virus to a minimum.

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Popular aircraft for corporate flights in the US

14 abr. 2020

Corporate aircraft typically have flexible and comfortable cabin configurations that can accommodate smaller to larger group travel requirements. These type of aircraft are designed for high performance, ideal for flying short range as well as medium haul to longer range trips.

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Our US team are keeping businesses connected with corporate shuttle flights

07 abr. 2020

It is an interesting time for business around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with many embracing a work from home culture and the increase in online business. Despite obstacles, businesses fundamentally need to keep moving and look towards solutions. Within the US, we are helping to keep businesses connected with corporate shuttle flights.

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Mark Briffa, CEO discusses our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

03 abr. 2020

With more than 23 years’ experience, our CEO, Mark Briffa, joined Air Partner back in 1996. As a global aviation services company, Air Partner has a strong reputation and unrivalled experience responding to crisis situations, working with governments, organisations and individuals over the years. We’ve asked him to talk about how the company has leveraged this experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Air Evacuations during Covid-19 outbreak – Q&A with Emergency Planning Division Manager, Joe Halanen

02 abr. 2020

With the Covid-19 outbreak continuing to develop around the world, and affecting countries globally, there’s no doubt there’s both challenging and fast changing circumstances for companies and individuals to contend with. As countries across the world close their borders and citizens are instructed by governments to return to their home countries, air evacuations have been essential.

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What to consider when travelling by Group Charter during Covid-19

25 mar. 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we continue to work around the clock to organise last minute and evacuation flights for groups. To help you plan your travel, we have answered some of the questions you might have at this time about flying with your group. The situation is constantly evolving, so please speak to an Account Manager for the most up to date information. You can contact us directly on or +44 1293 844 887.

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Helping you to keep your supply chains running during COVID

24 mar. 2020

Due to the current COVID situation the freight transport capacity on scheduled aircraft has been drastically reduced on many routes worldwide and more logistical challenges are created each day. We want to keep your supply chains running during COVID. We can support you with widebody charter options (full and part charter) but availability is changing very quickly.

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What to consider when travelling by private jet during COVID-19

23 mar. 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we would like to assure you that we are continuing to work around the clock to organise private jet flights. To help you plan your travel, we have answered some of the questions you might have at this time about flying by private jet. The situation is constantly evolving, so please speak to an Account Manager for the most up to date information. You can contact us directly on or +44 1293 844 888.

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Alternative destinations to see cherry blossoms in 2020

07 mar. 2020

Spring is just around the corner, which marks the start of the cherry blossom season. Traditionally celebrated in Japan, the sakura season begins mid-March this year and lasts for around 3 weeks. We’ve listed some alternative destinations worth flying for to witness this evanescent beauty of nature.

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Top vegan-friendly restaurants worth flying for

08 feb. 2020

Veganuary may have ended, but an increasing number of people are choosing to follow plant-based diets. We often receive a variety of onboard dining requests and have developed specifically curated menus that meet any dietary requirement you may have, from vegan to macrobiotic. Explore our selection of European cities that offer some of the best vegan food scenes at the moment, from casual plant-based dining on-the-go to Michelin starred options.  

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Praetor 500 - The new business jet

03 feb. 2020

Starting to become available on the charter market now, the Praetor 500 is the newest business jet from Brazilian manufacturer, Embraer. Built with innovation at centre stage, the Praetor 500 claims to be the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced midsize business jet. 

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Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sweden: Now Open for Private Jet Flights

30 ene. 2020

Want a change from the Alps? Perhaps not as well-known as the traditional resorts in the Alps, Scandinavia is slowly increasing in popularity as a destination for skiers. Home to more gold medals at the Winter Olympics than any other nation, skiing in Norway is a way of life. Compared to the Alps, the guarantee of snow is much higher. The ski slopes tend to be wide, scenic and quiet with a reliable snow cover, making it excellent for young families to professionals. If you are not an avid skier, the mountains offer non-skiers a wide range of activites, such as ice-rally driving, dog sledding and Nordic skiing. Expect serious comfort when you come off the slopes, with traditional log cabins with warming wood fires, saunas and spas.  

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The most unique Valentine’s getaways by private jet

24 ene. 2020

Treat your loved one to a special weekend getaway this Valentine’s Day and impress them by choosing a less-well known destination and hiring a private jet. It’s not easy choosing a unique romantic venue that will truly sweep your significant other off their feet. To help you out, we have put together our destination suggestions for an unforgettable weekend trip. 

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A Supersonic Future for Private Jets?

23 ene. 2020

Flying at the speed of light has been a dream of humankind ever since the first aircraft took flight. But can supersonic flights become the norm in the future of flying? They certainly can cut flight times but are on the costly side of travelling. That was one of the main reasons behind the retirement of the Concorde planes, which for 27 years were flying at 1,300 mph. 

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Group Charter industry round up

07 ene. 2020

Our Group Charter team have had a busy 2019, supporting on a range of flights, anything from one off flights for events, corporate shuttle programmes to complex multi-stop flight series. The team are well versed in supporting clients across a variety of industries and understanding the intricate needs of the different clients that we work with.

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Trending destinations for 2020

05 ene. 2020

Travel trends in 2020 are predicted to shift towards a growing interest in nature and outdoor activities as well as travel for large events. To inspire you on your 2020 travels, we have put together a list of our favourite destinations of this year.  

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Step into the new decade in style

19 dic. 2019

This New Year’s Eve is a particularly special one, as we step into a new decade. Make sure your celebration is as unique as this night and book a Private Jet to one of these dazzling destinations.  

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Alternative Christmas Markets in Europe

13 dic. 2019

Looking to experience something a bit different this festive season? Discover some of the less well-known, but truly exceptional Christmas markets Europe has to offer. Just a couple of hours away by Private Jet, get in the Christmas spirit with these alternative festive markets.

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Scenic cities to visit this winter by private jet

14 nov. 2019

The winter months can be the best time of year to visit some of the world’s most scenic cities. Often a quieter period, you can enjoy these stunning destinations in a more serene atmosphere, away from the busy peak season crowds. We’ve picked some of our favourite cities that we recommend you visit this year, each offering a unique and different experience.

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What is the fastest business jet?

10 nov. 2019

At Air Partner, we pride ourselves in being able to offer you a wide range of aircraft to ensure we always meet your personal preferences and that you fly on the most suitable aircraft for your trip.

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Time critical private jet flights

03 nov. 2019

Plans change. The unforeseen happens. But we are always there to get you where you need to be, even if its at the eleventh hour. Over the past year, we’ve seen a noticeable increase in time critical flights. Due to last-minute change in plans, an emergency situation or a disruption to your journey, there are a host of reasons for the urgent requests we receive. Our 24/7/365 team are experts in reacting quickly and getting your plans off the ground. These are the reasons why you can rely on us when it really matters…

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12 sep. 2019

As incentive travel is designed to motivate, reward and inspire employees or group members, all the details of the experience become especially important to deliver a memorable journey. A privately chartered flight remains a superior way for companies and brands to get an entire group to exciting destinations and in great spirits.

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Managing Euro 2020's Logistical Challenges

16 ago. 2019

The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will be the first to be hosted across the continent, which could produce major logistical issues with teams potentially travelling all over Europe with supporters, sponsors, match agents and corporate companies all looking to follow the respective teams on their European journey.

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We deliver your cargo charter to even the most remote destinations

05 ago. 2019

Flying cargo to remote destinations can be challenging. Some destinations are situated off the beaten track and the closest airports are often small with shorter runways and not fully equipped with loading equipment, handling staff or fuel. It can be extremely risky to land with an aircraft in hostile natural disaster zones with extreme weather conditions.

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3 things to consider when flying hazardous and dangerous goods

31 jul. 2019

In a highly industrialized society, dangerous goods are frequently used and of course also need to be moved from A to B. Due to the dangerous nature of the goods the transport is subject to a range of special regulations and considerations that makes the transport different to other logistical missions and we understand that our clients have special requirements and need the best possible support. We discuss these points further to help you with your next dangerous goods transportation.

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Avoid flight disruption this summer

23 jul. 2019

That glorious time of year is already upon us; the summer holiday period. Every year, we hold our breath in the hope that there won’t be any disruption to our journey and we won’t be one of the unlucky ones to have booked our big plans during that one month, week or day that a strike has happened, or when IT systems have been affected by the high volume of travellers.

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Best Private Jets For Transatlantic Flights

17 jul. 2019

At Air Partner we will always ensure that you are presented with the best option for your particular journey and you have access to any jet of any size, from Very Light cabin jets up to Global cabins and even VIP airliners. If you are looking to fly transatlantic by private jet, a Global cabin is the only category of jet that will comfortably operate the 7 hour plus journey.

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Reasons to fly with your family by private jet

12 jul. 2019

As everyone takes time off over the summer months to spend time with family and loved ones, we see an increase in leisure flights for family groups across Europe and further afield. Whether you are a small or large family, flying with grandparents, parents, children or grandchildren, the benefits of flying privately come into their own.

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Top 3 private jets for flying with family

02 jul. 2019

With access to a wide variety of aircraft, we will always endeavour to source the best option for your requirements. Many of our clients enjoy flying by private jet with their family over the summer months, so we’ve put together 3 of our favourite aircraft that we recommend and why.

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Group charter: a guide for event organisers

11 jun. 2019

Are you planning an event and need assistance with group charter flights? No matter the type of event, destination or number of passengers, we can assist in providing seamless flight solutions to assist in making your event a success.

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The Ultimate Honeymoon Escapes by Private Jet

07 jun. 2019

After experiencing one of the most important days in you and your partner's life, what better way to top it all off than to fly away on a private jet? Escape into your very own paradise by private jet and experience the most romantic way to travel. Booking private charter through Air Partner allows you to reach airports that are unreachable by most scheduled services, allowing you land closer to your destination. Here are some of our ideas of where you could fly privately for the ultimate honeymoon escape.

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Why Use Private Jet Charter for Business?

03 jun. 2019

At Air Partner, we understand that every customer’s needs are different. Providing a suite of charter services to suit any business’s travel requirements, our priority is minimising your travel time and maximising your time to work, meet clients and close deals. We have listened to our customers and what they value to put together the top 5 reasons they choose to charter a private jet for business with us.

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A Summer of Music Festivals by Private Jet

31 may. 2019

Summertime is fast approaching, and the festival season is nearly underway. People dressed in colorful outfits and funky costumes will be descending on locations around the world for weekends filled with music. If you are thinking about experiencing a music festival, then why not travel by private jet? We have selected our favorite music festivals across the globe you can fly privately to this year.

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Focus on: VIP airliners

23 may. 2019

Over the past few years, there have been increasing numbers of refitted aircraft entering the charter market as VIP airliners. These aircraft boast ‘private jet’ levels of comfort with luxurious interiors, generous baggage capacity, business class seating and spacious interiors.

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Top highlights in private aviation from EBACE 2019

22 may. 2019

For aviation professionals, enthusiasts and business jet buyers alike, EBACE is an event not to be missed. The industry exhibits the very best and newest of aviation innovation, allowing you to get close and personal with the latest jets and technology.

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20 interesting facts about Air Partner’s Travel Department

16 may. 2019

At Air Partner, our dedicated Travel team are delighted to be celebrating 20 years of organising flights for groups travelling on scheduled airlines. No matter the size of the group, the destination or the reason for travel, we can assist in providing seamless flight solutions from start to finish. To mark our 20th anniversary of our Travel team, discover our 20 interesting facts of how we’ve been assisting our clients over the last two decades.

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Behind the scenes of an AOG project at Air Partner

13 may. 2019

When airline fleets are scheduled to their limits, an AOG (aircraft on ground) can be extremely disruptive to flight programs. Within minutes our aviation specialists can provide you with an AOG solution for urgent movement of small spares, large airframe components and power-plants components, engineering staff or flight crew. We offer you a dedicated team globally who are reliable and highly motivated to deal with your requirements – going above and beyond to ensure your cargo gets where it needs to be and on time.

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Q&A: Impacts of an AOG for airlines and suppliers

07 may. 2019

Aircraft on Ground (AOG) is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is preventing an aircraft from flying. In all cases there is a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft (A/C) back into service and prevent further delays or cancellations to the flight program.

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Trending destinations for groups flying for business

26 abr. 2019

With 2019 well underway, we reflect on which destinations are proving popular with our clients flying groups for business this year. We have seen an increase in corporate clients arranging group charter flights with us to these European destinations.

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Make Business A Pleasure

15 abr. 2019

Business travel can take you to some fabulous cities. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on the best these places have to offer. From destination bars to impressive meeting venues, here are four hotspots we recommend next time you’re flying on business.

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Flying for business: Popular aircraft for groups

12 abr. 2019

Whether you’re flying a group of employees for a meeting, conference, incentive or for any other reason, we can assist in providing a bespoke group charter solution to meet your requirements. Group charter offers a whole host of benefits for business travel, including time-saving and the ability to set your own schedule.

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The best of gulfstream business jets

12 abr. 2019

From introducing the first purpose-built business aircraft to the world in 1958, to making the first business jet non-stop flight across the Atlantic, Gulfstream continues to pioneer and innovate within the business aviation space. Dominating the Global cabin category, our clients enjoy chartering Gulfstream aircraft due to their class-leading performance and comfort. Enjoy our review of three Gulfstream aircraft and why they are so popular with our clients.

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Flying pets by private jet

09 abr. 2019

Whilst flying your pet could be a stressful experience for both the owner and animal, private jet charter allows your pet to travel safely in a calm, controlled environment and have you by their side for reassurance. It’s a popular solution for those needing to transport pets from one place to another and wanting to minimize the disruption and the stress of the experience for the animal.

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Going the extra mile for our automotive clients

22 mar. 2019

Over the years, we have organised group charter flights for a variety of different projects for the automotive industry. Whether it is a press trip, car launch, test drive experience, or a conference, we can assist in providing seamless aircraft solutions to ensure the event runs smoothly. As part of this, we can provide an experienced representative to assist on the day of the flight, organising everything on the ground and assisting during the flight itself.

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Top destinations for automotive events

21 mar. 2019

We have organised group charter flights to a wide range of destinations for the automotive industry over the years, so if you’re looking to organise a project or event then it’s highly likely that we will be familiar with the location. This means we are best placed to advise on preferred airports to fly to and whether the location might be suitable from a logistical perspective.

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Q&A: Group charter for the automotive industry

20 mar. 2019

Every year, we successfully organise group charter flights for numerous different projects within the automotive industry. Take a look at our most frequently asked questions by clients to discover how we can assist with your next automotive project.

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15 mar. 2019

Over the last decades our clients have tasked us to move cargo of various weight, size and shapes for any number of reasons to destinations around the world. No matter how extensive or demanding - we always go above and beyond to find the right cargo charter solution to meet our clients’ requirements - from moving gigantic constructs to the delivery of tons of aid to fight against epidemics.

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The importance of a charter broker

11 mar. 2019

Mike Hill, Director – Group Freight, explains in this interview the importance and benefits of working with a charter broker as well as how the future for the freight charter business will look like.

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Top Spring Destinations by Private Jet

08 mar. 2019

With the cold winter months on the way out and the longer spring days fast approaching, there are plenty of relaxing and invigorating destinations to explore by private jet this spring. From the sand-fringed islands of Bora Bora to the cosmopolitan heart of France, here are Air Partner’s top spring break destinations that will leave you feeling as though summer has come early. Travel comfortably and in-style and unlock the tranquillity offered by private jet charter

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Which private jet has the longest range?

27 feb. 2019

At Air Partner, we ensure that we bespoke an aircraft charter to best suit our customers’ needs – whether that be a smaller Citation XLS for leisure or a VIP configured aircraft for music tours with entourage. In fact, we have seen a real increase in enquiries for our larger aircraft and some intrigue around 'Which Private Jet has the longest range?'

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FAQs: Group charter for sports teams

26 feb. 2019

At Air Partner, we’ve been working closely with the sports industry for over 58 years. In fact, over the last couple of years alone for sports related travel, we have flown over 12,000 passengers, 120,000 miles to over 45 different countries. Whilst our experienced Account Managers are always on hand to guide you through the booking process, we have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions that we have been asked by sports teams over the years.

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Fly by private jet to these Academy Award winning film locations

25 feb. 2019

After celebrating the leading talent in film at the prestigious Oscars ceremony last night, why not experience the destinations where some of these award-winning scenes were set? We have put together a few of the top film locations to visit, where memorable movie moments were created. Here are our nominees for the Best Film Location Destinations.

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Finding the right aircraft for your team

22 feb. 2019

Over recent years, we have seen a rise in sports teams chartering flights for a number of different reasons and travelling to an increasing variety of destinations. We have been working with the sports industry since 1961 and during this time, have been organising flights for everything from domestic matches to global multi-leg pre-season tours.

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Planning for pre-season tours

20 feb. 2019

We have over 50 years’ experience chartering aircraft for top sports teams globally. Find out more about some of the trends we are seeing for pre-season tours and the importance of working with a reliable travel partner.

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The most romantic private jet flights

07 feb. 2019

If you would like to treat your loved one to a special experience this Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t get much more impressive than hiring a private jet. We have put together our destination suggestions for a simple day trip or a longer romantic weekend. Flying by private jet means you can enjoy a seamless and relaxing flight, whilst saving your time to explore your destination and experience precious moments with your loved one.

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Emergency Planning: Global risk areas 2019

04 feb. 2019

Tensions on the Korean peninsula, war in Syria, wildfires in California, Papua New Guinea earthquake, Japan floods, Guatemala: Volcanic Eruption, Indonesia tsunami & earthquake – this is just a snapshot of some of the high risk natural disasters and political unrest we have seen through 2018. While some areas are seeing tensions subside, there are ever growing risks globally.

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London Airport Guide

01 feb. 2019

One of London’s most central airports for private aviation, RAF Northolt, will be closed for a large part of this year for runway improvements. The closure will take place from 5th April until November 2019, meaning those who fly privately from this airport will need to choose an alternative London base.

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Travelling by private jet for wellness

01 feb. 2019

The top ten most popular resolutions that were made this year centred around improving wellness – from losing weight, eating more healthily, taking on ‘Veganuary’, to being more active and drinking less alcohol. Whilst these small changes to incorporate wellness into everyday life are becoming commonplace, an increasing number of people are dedicating their holidays to this cause.

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Q&A: With Jon Cavalli, Commercial Jets - UK Trading Manager

21 ene. 2019

Jon Cavalli is Air Partner’s Commercial Jets - UK Trading Manager. Jon joined the business in 2016 and has over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry. He leads a team of eight aviation professionals in our Group Charter team. The team have been working with a variety of different industries for over 50 years, providing clients with flights that exceed their expectations.

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Bringing your brand on-board

11 ene. 2019

At Air Partner, we understand the importance of brand awareness for our clients and we provide support in promoting their brands in the sky through our ServicePLUS programme.

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5 Beaches Worth Flying For

10 ene. 2019

Wandering barefoot along a beach at sunset is one of life’s simple pleasures and there is no better time to savour some sun than during the dark depths of winter. But these beaches take it to the next level. Hire a private jet and head to some of the world’s most magical destinations and enjoy unparalleled luxury in the winter sun.

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What to look for when choosing a Jet Card

08 ene. 2019

For those who frequently fly privately, convenience and efficiency are without exception the priority when choosing the right private jet programme. Jet card programmes are unrivalled in terms of flexibility and give the member access to the benefits and advantages of a private jet on standby.

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A year in review -2018

19 dic. 2018

Over the years, we have delivered extraordinary projects across the globe for an astounding variety of businesses and individuals - spanning private charter services, safety training and consultancy.

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Where to celebrate New Year’s Eve by private jet

28 nov. 2018

With the countdown to 2019 now on, it’s a great time to start planning your New Year’s Eve celebration. There are many destinations around the world worth a visit at this time of year to make your celebrations extra special. By flying by private jet, you can make the most of your time over the festive period. Here are some of the best places that are well-renowned for providing fantastic New Year’s celebrations where you can end 2018 and start the New Year in style.

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5 things to consider when operating aid flights

27 nov. 2018

Natural disasters. Medical emergencies. Political unrest. What is clear in these situations is that humanitarian aid, disaster relief or essential supplies are required urgently. However when these events happen in crisis regions or developing countries with poor infrastructure or non-existent government support, time is of the essence.

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Top Autumn City Breaks By Private Jet

09 nov. 2018

As the nights draw in and the temperatures begin to drop, there is no better time to get away for a few days of sunshine and sightseeing. There are a few destinations we have recommended, which you can fly to in just a few hours and are popular with private jet travellers for short breaks during autumn. On a city break, time is of the essence and flying privately allows you to make the most of your time, bypassing the busy airport hubs and avoiding the lengthy queues. For some inspiration, here are some of our favourite getaways. Wherever you’re looking to explore this autumn, we can get you there.

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5 Restaurants Worth Flying For

07 nov. 2018

Frozen olives from a bonsai olive tree. An eel swimming up the River Po. Some dishes are worth hiring a private jet and flying for. Visit these exceptional restaurants and experience the world’s finest gastronomy.

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Which private jets can fly internationally?

05 nov. 2018

We compare two global jets that are ideal for flying between Europe and America. Aside from VIP airliners, these ultra-long range jets will get you as far as private jets can and are often requested by Air Partner clients for international flights.

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The benefits of private jet charter for your ski trip

24 oct. 2018

Time is the one luxury we cannot buy – and it is particularly precious over the winter and Christmas holidays, when family commitments and intense pressure on flight routes to ski destinations make seamless air travel solutions all the more important.

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The efficiencies gained by using a specialist oil & gas aviation services provider

18 oct. 2018

There are many benefits to oil & gas operators using fixed-wing charter. Particularly if you consider the efficiency of tailored schedules and bespoke services, from a partner that also keeps industry-leading safety front of mind. These benefits are especially underlined when you use a supplier that truly understands your business. One who knows how to manage the logistical intricacies involved in your everyday operations - whether that's extreme weather, remote or inhospitable locations, working against the clock, or even the outbreak of war.

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Helping you find the right aircraft for the right event

09 oct. 2018

If you’re planning a conference or major promotional event, chartering an aircraft gives you the ability to set a destination, a route and a schedule for your guests. At Air Partner, we're here to help you do that - you're in the hands of experts in organising air charter flights for groups of all sizes. Anything from 20 to 20,000 passengers.

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5 Après-Ski Experiences Worth Flying For

02 oct. 2018

For fabulous après-ski, look no further. Hire a private jet and set off for stunning vistas, crisp air, crunchy snow and some of the finest hospitality in the world. You’ll barely find time to ski.

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5 Wines Worth Flying For

17 sep. 2018

Why drink a bottle from your wine cellar, when you can savour the world’s finest wines in the vineyards in which they were created? Hire a private jet to take you to some idyllic locations across the globe and delight in the very best.

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Five ways to make the most of your time in the sky

10 sep. 2018

Over the years, we have seen a substantial increase in corporate clients making the most of their time in the sky. Flying privately allows an event to kick off before passengers have even reached their destination, thanks to having guests together in one place with no external distractions. This means you can maximise the impact of the event and have guests engaged from the start of their journey.

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Top 3 private jets for business travel

09 sep. 2018

Whilst our experienced Account Managers will advise you on the right aircraft for your business travel, we have noticed that these three private jets are particularly popular with business flights. Ranging from light to large jets, they all have their different benefits. Whether you are flying to Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, Geneva or to another European business hub, these are ideal choices for private jet business flights within Europe.

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Become an aircraft charter expert

06 sep. 2018

When you’re new to the world of chartering aircraft, the terminology used could feel overwhelming. But don’t fret! We’ve compiled a short and simple list to cut through the jargon. Plus our experts will gladly guide you through the booking process and are always here to help explain any aviation terms and answer any questions you may have.

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How to find the right time-critical logistics provider

04 sep. 2018

Time-critical deliveries are usually required in order to avoid significant costs. For example, our automotive clients often urgently require delivery of parts to avoid production line disruptions. Medical equipment or relief goods are urgently needed when it comes to natural disasters. Aircraft parts are required to be delivered in the fastest way in order to resolve an aircraft-on-ground situation. In most cases cargo charter or Onboard courier (OBC) solutions are the best options.

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Chartering for a music tour - Behind the scenes

03 sep. 2018

When you are on the road for a long period of time, every detail counts. Our specialist music Charter Manager reveals what goes into a private jet charter for a tour and the complexities of a multi-destination trip. When you are travelling day after day, private charter can provide some familiarity and respite between gigs, as well as the assurance that you will always arrive in plenty of time for the show.

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Keep on track with RED-TRACK

03 sep. 2018

RED-TRACK is our online booking and confirmation system that allows you real-time tracking and gives you total visibility at every stage of your time-critical shipments.

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5 Private Islands Worth Flying For

08 ago. 2018

With a private jet you can explore some of the most remote and idyllic parts of the world. Secluded coves, stunning private beaches or the wilderness of the Serengeti – whatever your idea of a perfect holiday, we suspect these far-flung luxury locations will soon become firm favourites. And travelling on a private jet means your holiday starts the moment you take off.

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The Bombardier Global 7500

19 jul. 2018

The Air Partner team attended EBACE this year, where the Bombardier exhibited a prototype of the new Global 7500. Showcasing the latest developments in aviation technology and design, it is expected to set a precedent in the market as the largest purpose built business jet.

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The top 5 Med destinations for a private jet traveller

04 jul. 2018

Whilst travel trends are on the move each year, there are a number of classic Mediterranean destinations that never grow old with private jet flyers. The more exotic destinations such as Morocco are increasingly popular, as well as lesser-known and untapped gems such as Montenegro. However, year on year, we see travellers return to their Mediterranean idylls, whether to settle down in their summer bolthole or pick up their yacht. Here are the top 5 destinations for private jet flyers escaping to the Med this summer.

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Why good Emergency Evacuation Plans are bespoke to keep your employees safe

20 jun. 2018

Air Partner’s Emergency Planning Division (EPD) provides 24-hour global air evacuation planning and implementation services for any situation that clients deem an emergency. Whether that be transporting support teams to the site of a disaster, flying people out of a dangerous situation, or the last-minute movement of critical equipment.

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From Automotive to Movie set, Air Partner has got you covered

12 jun. 2018

Air Partner was given the exciting opportunity to coordinate a freight charter on behalf of the Hollywood movie production “Red Sparrow” starring Jennifer Lawrence, which was released in cinemas in spring 2018. The client had a very tight schedule and required for Air Partner to ensure that key equipment required for filming was taken from Bratislava to London for next day filming.

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Private Jet Charter vs First Class: Which is best for business flying?

23 may. 2018

If you or your company are a regular first class fliers, then private jet charter is probably something you have contemplated. It offers invaluable benefits and flexibility that can transform the way you travel. We discuss the differences between private jet charter and first class when flying for business, and explain when private jet charter really is worth considering.

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From AOG to OBC

23 may. 2018

We are fast approaching the summer travel period. This is a crucial time for airline schedules and having an Aircraft on the Ground (AOG) during these busy times can have massive ramifications. Mechanical failures have the potential to cost aerospace businesses excessive amounts of time and money, so when resolving an AOG issue, every minute counts.

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Get ready for your pre-season tours

25 abr. 2018

Chartering Aircraft made simple, Jon Cavalli Air Partner's Commercial Jets Trading Manager discusses how to get the best from your group travel and prepare you for your next pre-season tour.

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3 ways to avoid jet lag when flying by private jet

12 abr. 2018

Jet lag is a common problem for any passenger flying long haul and can affect even those who are well-travelled and often fly privately for business. It can leave you with exhausting symptoms, such as feeling fatigued, anxious, nauseous and dizzy. These symptoms can be frustrating to cope with - even more so when you are flying frequently and don’t have the time in your schedule to rest and recover.

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Hunting the Northern Lights

22 mar. 2018

On March 17th 2018, Air Partner played their part in chartering approximately 150 astronomers and film crew from Cologne to experience the Northern Lights above the airspace in Iceland.

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Interesting facts about cargo charter aircraft you might not know

19 mar. 2018

With over 56 years of experience within the aircraft charter industry and thanks to an unsurpassed real-time aircraft availability database, an unbeatable global network of offices, and an unrivalled team of experts, Air Partner is perfectly placed to source any kind of aircraft for all kind of cargo, anywhere in the world.

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15 mar. 2018

We have teamed up with Prestigious Venues to give you access to some magnificent event venues across the globe. Pair your Group Charter with one of these venues to create an unforgettable experience.

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A guide to flying privately at Easter

12 mar. 2018

During peak holiday periods, international airports can be busy and cause unnecessary hassle and stress, besides the potential for delays and the inflated knock on effect of disruption to the increased number of people trying to travel.

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Looking Ahead - Top luxury events for spring 2018

21 feb. 2018

As we start to emerge from the dark depths of winter and the promise of spring is just on the horizon, many people are looking ahead to how they will spend their time in 2018. The social calendar really starts to kick off into March, April and May as the weather starts to turn. We have selected 3 unmissable events that should take pride of place in your social calendar this spring. We have also advised the best time to fly by private jet, where to fly into and any considerations to ensure you have the most enjoyable and seamless experience possible.

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Essential accessories for travelling by private jet

13 feb. 2018

Whilst private jet travel removes the hassle and stress from the experience of flying there are still a few items that can make your journey that little bit more enjoyable. From robotic suitcases to key flying accessories for your pet, we have selected 4 accessories that the discerned traveller won’t want to travel without.

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Flying by private jet - winter trends 2018

24 ene. 2018

As the memory of the Sun’s warmth fades in Northern Europe, and the collective gloom settles in, those that can will seek to recharge in the mountains or fly south for welcome respite by the pool. It’s a similar story every year and we’ve watched increasing growth in private jet traffic on these routes over the last 5 years.

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Air Partner 24 hour air evacuation planning, helping clients globally

02 ene. 2018

Our Emergency Planning Division provides 24-hour global air evacuation planning and implementation services for any situation that clients deem an emergency, whether that be flying people out of a dangerous situation, transporting support teams to the site of a disaster, or the last-minute movement of critical equipment.

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Jingle all the way with holiday flights by private jet

14 dic. 2017

Travelling during the festive season can sometimes be stressful, whether you are travelling home or abroad to see loved ones or planning a flight to the slopes for Christmas & New Year. It is often hard to pre-empt how busy the airports will be and to predict unplanned delays or industrial strikes. No one wants to be late hitting the fresh snow or tucking into their turkey.

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Fly to festive Christmas markets by private jet

12 dic. 2017

Fly into the festive spirit. Mulled wine, romantic destinations, roasted chestnuts and carollers. Yes, the festive season is already upon us. If you are looking for something a little bit different before Christmas to get you in the festive mood or to prolong the merry spirit, we have a selection of Christmas markets to fly to by private jet that will bring festive cheer to any Christmas Scrooge.

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Air Partner completes Arctic mission

30 nov. 2017

At Air Partner, we are used to going above and beyond for our clients - even when faced with the most extraordinary requests. For example, this summer we were called upon to fly a client’s equipment from Billund, Denmark, to Station Nord in Greenland for an Arctic expedition.

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Get your group together

14 nov. 2017

Why not create an unforgettable experience for your next Conference/Incentive with Air Partner TMC using one of our preferred partners Virgin Atlantic.

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Just a few steps from the slopes

19 oct. 2017

The ski season is nearly upon us and our clients are starting to make their travel plans for their ski holiday. The ski season is traditionally a busy time of the year for our private jets team, who regularly deal with a variety of long lead and last minute bookings.

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Where to travel this autumn?

26 sep. 2017

The season of summer holidays may be over, but there are plenty of exciting and extraordinary places to explore in Autumn. From city-hopping to wine-tasting in Burgundy, here are some travel ideas to inspire you to fly by private jet this Autumn.

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Adapting To Changing Travel Needs

18 ago. 2017

As football’s appeal grows across the globe so too do club and national team travel commitments. Clive Chalmers, Air Partner’s Trading Director discusses the changing needs of football’s travellers and how charter flights meet those needs ahead of the World Cup in Russia next year.

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Flight programmes for the automotive industry

26 jun. 2017

Each year Air Partner successfully handles countless flights for clients in the automotive industry. Clive Chalmers, Director Commercial Jets UK at Air Partner discusses the ins and outs of handling flight programmes for automotive events:

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Aircraft on Ground? When every minute counts...

14 jun. 2017

Aircraft on the Ground situations (AOG) are a huge logistical nightmare (and potentially costly) issue for airlines. Grounded aircraft can cause fleet-wide disruptions directly impacting an airlines route schedules and can have much wider implications to an airlines reputation.

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America's Cup, Bermuda & Beyond

01 jun. 2017

For the first time in history, Bermuda plays host to the America’s Cup. The island transforms itself from a honeymoon getaway with beautiful beaches to the venue for the most prestigious event in sailing.

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Shining a new light on the water life

20 abr. 2017

There are many reasons to travel to Scotland, but a rare invitation to a VIP experience to the distillery and overnight estate stay in a family home of one of the world’s best known Scotch whisky brands is about as good a reason to go as it gets.

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Shining a new light on the water life

20 abr. 2017

There are many reasons to travel to Scotland, but a rare invitation to a VIP experience to the distillery and overnight estate stay in a family home of one of the world’s best known Scotch whisky brands is about as good a reason to go as it gets.

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Shining a new light on the water life

20 abr. 2017

There are many reasons to travel to Scotland, but a rare invitation to a VIP experience to the distillery and overnight estate stay in a family home of one of the world’s best known Scotch whisky brands is about as good a reason to go as it gets.

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All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 abr. 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

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All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 abr. 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

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All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 abr. 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

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Put a spring in your step this Easter with these destinations

03 mar. 2017

It might seem like Christmas has only just been and gone, but spring is already around the corner. And what better way to reward yourself for getting through the January blues and the cold bite of February than treating yourself and your loved ones to a rejuvenating Easter break? Whether you are after sun, snow or culture, our Private Jets team have selected some of their favourite spots for the spring months – with Italy being the top pick for this time of year. What’s more, many of these are no more than a hop, skip and a jump away, so are perfect for a long weekend.

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Why Flying private is the ultimate first class service

27 feb. 2017

Many who travel for leisure often focus on the destination – finding the perfect location, booking the finest hotels and seeking out the best restaurants – and can miss out on a number of benefits if they choose to fly commercially. If you are flying for business, however, and don't have the luxury of choosing your destination, you can still reap the benefits of flying privately in other ways. At Air Partner, we know what a difference private air travel makes – especially when your time is valuable. But, as our clients can attest, the reasons extend far beyond simply fitting more hours into the day.

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Fall in love with alternative city breaks this Valentine’s Day

01 feb. 2017

Paris may be the City of Love and Venice considered the most romantic city on earth, but why not treat your loved one to something a little bit different this Valentine’s Day? Europe is full of hidden gems that shouldn’t be overlooked: as well as avoiding the crowds, you might just fall in love with somewhere totally unexpected!

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Air Partner takes a white Christmas from dream to reality

18 ene. 2017

Here at Air Partner, we pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of service and ensuring that we cater to all our clients’ needs – whatever these may be. We also love Christmas, so we were thrilled to be asked to organise a family trip to Lapland in December. The task: to get 15 passengers from the UK to Lapland in the most magical way possible, rivalling even Santa’s sleigh.

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Why schools turn to Air Partner for an A-grade service

13 ene. 2017

As we all know, nothing can put a dampener on a holiday or trip like an airline strike – especially if it results in your flight being cancelled altogether. And when the trip in question involves a large number of students, it becomes even more stressful still.

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Top 10 Destinations to Escape to this Winter

22 dic. 2016

While December may be many people’s favourite time of the year, the same cannot be said for January. The champagne has been drunk, the presents have been opened, and we have made a whole load of New Year’s resolutions that we know we probably won’t keep. If there is ever a time for a holiday, it’s January: whether you want to chase the winter sun or enjoy soft powder in the mountains, here are Air Partner’s top 10 destinations that are guaranteed to chase away the blues.

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Why Abu Dhabi deserves a place on your conference and incentive travel list

19 dic. 2016

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to attend a familiarisation trip to Abu Dhabi, which was hosted by Air Partner’s Travel department, Etihad Airways, Yas Viceroy Hotel and Gulf Dunes (represented by Five Star Filler). The aim of the trip was to show the eight event agencies what a great option the city is for conferences and incentive travel.

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Air Partner #1 at Transporting dangerous cargo

26 oct. 2016

At Air Partner, standard, ‘everyday’ types of freight are the kind of things we can transport with ease. But some types of cargo are less routine – and come with bigger challenges. That’s where our experience with flying dangerous goods and hazardous cargo comes into play. From gases to flammable liquids, corrosives to miscellaneous dangerous goods, no one’s better prepared – or better equipped – to get your cargo precisely where it needs to be.

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Air Partner keeps the wheels turning at Formula One

26 sep. 2016

The Malaysian and Japanese Grands Prix are just around the corner, and Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg are still locked in a fierce race to become the 2016 Formula One World Champion. Once again, the rivalry between the two teams has been the main talking point of the season, and it has led to more than one collision between the pair.

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06 sep. 2016

It’s coming around to that time of the year again, when we stop daydreaming about beaches and bikinis, and start thinking ahead to crisp mountain air and soft white powder. With that in mind, Air Partner has pulled together a list of some of its favourite resorts from around the world, which are guaranteed to have something for everyone – whether you are there to hit the slopes, or just the apres-ski.

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Group travel solutions for the Automotive Industry

30 ago. 2016

After a busy few months for the company, Clive Chalmers, Director Commercial Jets UK, discusses Air Partner’s expertise in the automotive industry – from the most popular destinations for industry events, to the finer details of making the journey as time-efficient and comfortable as possible for passengers.

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Air Partner: saving Oil & Gas companies time and money in austere times

18 ago. 2016

The Oil & Gas industry is notoriously unpredictable. As a result, operations often need to be carried out to a tight time frame, not to mention a tight budget. Air charter specialists provide energy companies with the timely logistical solutions they need in a cost-effective way – whilst also giving them the flexibility that is so important in such a changeable industry. The importance of having a supplier that truly understands their needs is of the utmost importance, due to the precise operating demands, exacting time considerations and safety protocols involved.

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Get your last-minute Rio trip off the blocks

12 ago. 2016

The action in Rio kicked off with a bang on Friday, and the event is now in full swing. However, for all of you who have spent the last few days glued to your TV screens, it is still not too late to experience the action in person. Scheduled flights may have been booked up months in advance, but Air Partner can still get you there.

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Learning to fly

02 ago. 2016

At Air Partner, we pride ourselves on having a significant level of in-house expertise that we can call upon to deliver that bit extra to our clientele, since most of our employees have enjoyed long careers in the aviation sector. From ex-air traffic controllers, ramp agents and airline operations teams to long-serving military personnel and pilots, we are able to draw from this considerable pool of skills to deliver our charter solutions anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

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Let’s get this party chartered

19 jul. 2016

Here at Air Partner we’ve seen a rise in the number of ‘party charters’ over the last few years as people look to kick off their celebrations with a bang. After all, why should the party only start when you have arrived at your destination? For us, travelling is about much more than simply getting from A to B and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to accommodate even the most unusual of requests. On-board disco anyone?

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Hot Boutique Getaways

07 jul. 2016

This month we’ve turned to Original Travel, the creative luxury travel company, to give you their take on where’s hot for a Boutique getaway. Whenever we discover an absolute gem of a hotel here at Original Travel, it’s fair to say that something of an internal battle commences. Do we let the cat out of the bag or stay schtum and keep it secret? Well, our inner blabber-mouths just can’t keep it together anymore; from beach-side retreats to desert boutiques, here are a few of our favourites…

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Lessons I’ve learnt from climbing some of the highest peaks in the world

22 jun. 2016

Air Partner’s Sales Manager Ty Smith has spent the last 5 years trying to climb the world’s tallest peaks in order to raise £100,000 for the nurses who provide palliative care at Pilgrims Hospices, in memory of his mother. Having recently returned from Denali, the highest mountain in North America, he shares with us some of the lessons he’s learnt along the way.

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Signed, sealed, delivered, it’s yours!

24 abr. 2016

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about the logistics of moving people and cargo around the world. Yet another vital service that Air Partner provides is the task of reselling and transporting the planes themselves, and Air Partners’ Cabot Aviation is a leader in their field. 

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Reaching for the stars

07 abr. 2016

Who hasn’t wished that they could fly among the stars? At Air Partner, we help to make this dream a reality through our partnership with Eclipse Reisen. Ok, admittedly we might not be able to take you all the way into space, but we can get you a very good view indeed!

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Rocking all over the world

20 mar. 2016

For the majority of us, when rock bands and private aviation appear in the same sentence, our thoughts quickly turn to glamour, champagne and jets. Which is fair enough, given that it's often the case: let’s face it, you're unlikely to see Sir Elton and David Furnish on Ryanair's London to Nice service.

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Potenciando El Espíritu De Equipo

12 nov. 2015

El alquiler de aviones es cada vez más popular entre los equipos deportivos, por lo que la demanda de vuelos chárter en este sector ha crecido mucho en los últimos años. Les contamos las razones por las que alquilar un avión es la solución ideal para el transporte de equipos deportivos.

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Carrera Aérea Red Bull Ascot 2015

12 ago. 2015

Durante el fin de semana del sábado 15 y domingo 16 de agosto el Royal Ascot dejará por una vez de acoger la tradicional carrera de caballos para recibir una de las competiciones aéreas más emocionantes de todo el mundo.

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Responder a tiempo a una solicitud de AOG minimiza el coste de cualquier interrupción

10 jul. 2015

El equipo de Carga Aérea de Air Partner respondió con éxito a una solicitud de AOG (Aeronave En Tierra, cuando un avión no puede operar por una avería y requiere una reparación urgente) recibida un sábado por la mañana temprano. El cliente necesitaba transportar un conjunto de piezas de aeronave y a un equipo de ingenieros desde el Reino Unido hasta Bakú, Azerbayán.

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La División de Carga Aérea de Air Partner envía provisiones médicas urgentes a Libia

17 may. 2015

Air Partner, junto con otro de los miembros de la red de proveedores de carga aérea WCA, organizó el traslado de provisiones médicas a la zona bélica de Libia. El transporte de ayuda humanitaria es a menudo una tarea compleja e implica trabajar bajo gran presión y en situaciones desafiantes. En Air Partner contamos con muchos años de experiencia y conocemos las mejores prácticas. Nuestro equipo trabaja 24/7 para asegurar el éxito de cada misión.

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Festival de Cine de Cannes

12 may. 2015

El Festival de Cine de Cannes es uno de los destinos favoritos de aquellos que viajan en jet privado, una cita obligada en este mes de mayo. Alquile ahora un jet privado y ¡llegue con estilo!

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Conozca mejor la operativa del alquiler de aeronaves

09 may. 2015

Manejar los tiempos es todo en nuestro trabajo. Estar en el lugar adecuado en el momento preciso para atender a cada nuevo cliente y localizar una aeronave que normalmente no estaría disponible para volar a un destino particular. Este es nuestro pan de cada día y gestionar bien el tiempo durante nuestras operaciones es crucial para poder entregar el máximo valor a nuestros clientes.

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Campeonatos de Polo

14 abr. 2015

Alquile un jet privado o un helicóptero para llegar con estilo a cualquiera de los eventos de un deporte que combina la monta a caballo con la elegancia deportiva más glamurosa.

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Fórmula 1

13 mar. 2015

Disfrute de la adrenalina de la Fórula 1 y llegue al Gran Premio con todo el lujo que le ofrece volar en jet privado.

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06 mar. 2015

Tanto si va a jugar al golf como si va a ver jugar los profesonales, llegue hasta su destino en jet privado con Air Partner.

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