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Unique events and personalised group charter for a better MICE experience

Air Partner - 04 dic. 2017

The MICE industry has seen a steady growth throughout 2017, which was predicted in the annual ibtm world Trends Watch report, despite the turbulent geopolitical and economic environment.

Those organising these well-executed events can sometimes be under pressure to develop concepts that differentiate their event from previous years, as well as create new and unique experiences. That is true in not only the creativity of the event and its engagement but finding an amazing destination.

Air Partner has seen that there has been an increase in destinations such as Croatia and Slovenia over the last few years. However, the fluctuation in foreign exchange rates has opened up the door for countries such as Morocco , Iceland and the Far East where you might now get a better rate than some of the more conventional destinations. This year, there has been some unpredictability and restraints developing across some of the more popular destinations – but this opens up a lot of opportunity for something different and exciting. 

This is not just the trend for aviation; our friends at Shangri-La have seen an increase in meetings, incentives, conferences and events from their clients. They have expanded existing MICE facilities within a number of hotels to accommodate the growth and have diversified their offering in new destinations such as Colombo, SriLanka with extensive facilities to cater for this surge.  

With an ever-expanding industry, there is pressure to create a lasting impression and Air Partner has noticed an increasing demand for an end-to-end experience, which is why we have seen such success with our ServicePLUS product. Clients can choose from a diverse variety of add-on features. For example, passengers can have the luxury of a private terminal and lounge to avoid the queues and get them to their destination quicker. Brand presence can be heightened with personalisation from headrest covers, on-board television screen content to flight attendants uniforms….and much more. Not only this, we offer guests the chance to indulge in our exquisite high-end catering on-board their aircraft, enjoying an array of culinary delights.

95% of our corporate clients this year have opted for a more personalised on-board experience, with the most popular choice being branded headrest covers. ServicePLUS offers clients the flexibility to create an experience, while travelling with their groups.  

More and more corporates are using this way of travelling not only as an experience while on-board but also for PR exposure. Tommy Hilfiger is a great example this; he flew all his models on Air Tommy – a personalised charter flight branded with Hilfiger internally and externally ahead of his Women’s Runway show; the exposure before the event was twofold.

As the MICE industry grows, we are always looking at how we can create a unique experience that goes the extra mile, but most importantly, we will work with your budgets and requirements to ensure an unforgettable charter experience. Click here to read our guide to see some of the most popular destinations for the MICE industry and our top picks for 2018.

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