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Top highlights in private aviation from EBACE 2019

Air Partner - 22 may. 2019

For aviation professionals, enthusiasts and business jet buyers alike, EBACE is an event not to be missed. The industry exhibits the very best and newest of aviation innovation, allowing you to get close and personal with the latest jets and technology.

With over 13,000 attendees, 400 exhibitors to meet, showcasing the latest services and technologies, over 50 aircraft to experience and 20 education sessions, there is plenty to discover. Our team have put together the top highlights from EBACE 2019 to keep you up to date with the latest in business aviation.

Embraer debuts Praetor 600

Embraer has confirmed US and Europeans certification for the latest addition to its fleet, the Praetor 600. It makes its debut at EBACE alongside its midsize sibling, the Praetor 500.

Arriving at EBACE fuelled by SAJF, along with the Phenom 100EV/300E, Legacy 650E and Lineage 1000E, the new Embraer duo are expected to shake up the competitive midsize and super midsize categories, offering best-in-class models that deliver on comfort, performance, technology and value. They both feature full fly-by-wire technology and offer active turbulence reduction, creating the smoothest possible ride for passenger comfort.

A super midsize jet, the cabin of the Praetor 600 is based on the Legacy 500, but the aircraft has a much longer range of over 4000nm, opening up routes such as London to New York or London to Dubai. The slightly smaller midsize Praetor 500 has a maximum range of 3250nm, still offering one of the longest ranges within its category. The Praetor 500 is scheduled for certification and service entry in the latter part of this year.

We expect these aircraft to be available on the charter market over the next couple of years.

private jet interior  Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuels

Over 6 manufacturers, including Bombardier, Gulfstream and Embraer, made an unprecedented entry to EBACE at Geneva airport from TAG Farnborough, flying there using Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF). Unsurprisingly, sustainability and alternative fuels in business aviation has become the key topic of EBACE this year.

This coalition of business aviation organisations has been considered part of a major push towards changing the perception of the industry’s carbon footprint and encouraging business aviation to meet stringent carbon dioxide emission targets.

To really make traction, regulators need to step up and help support creating a carbon-neutral future for business aviation. But it also requires market pressure. There are still huge barriers to greener fuel becoming more widespread. It is only available at a tiny percentage of airports and can cost up to 6 times as mush as conventional kerosene. Industry leaders are calling for action on demand and supply side. More operators need to buy the fuel but on the supply side there needs to be an incentive to encourage production and drive down price.

Pilatus is re-opening order book for PC24

Following the initial popularity of the original batch of the new Pilatus PC-24 of 84 aircraft selling out in just 36 hours, Pilatus has reopened the orderbook. Deliveries for this latest round are expected for late 2020 and 2021, with the slightly inflated price tag of $10.7 million.

A game-changing jet that combines the performance and versatility of a turboprop with the comfort of a light jet cabin. It has secured European and US steep-approach certification, which means it can perform landings under strict conditions, including using the 5.5 degree approach angle and short runway at London City airport. The feedback from the first owners of this aircraft has been extremely positive, with people praising its versatility, spacious, quiet cabin and incredible performance. There are currently only a couple available on the charter market, but we expect this second influx of orders will mean it will become more accessible over the coming couple of years. Read our review of the Pilatus PC-24 here. 

HondJet private jet cabin Honda ramps up HondaJet production

Honda is planning to increase production by 25% to five HondaJet Elites per month from the current four, by next year. This will be achieved by automation and an extension to the North Carolina factory, which is due to open in July 2020. Selling at $5.281 million Honda is scheduled to deliver 50 aircraft this year, compared to 37 last year. 

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