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Popular aircraft for corporate flights in the US

Air Partner - 14 abr. 2020

Corporate aircraft typically have flexible and comfortable cabin configurations that can accommodate smaller to larger group travel requirements. These type of aircraft are designed for high performance, ideal for flying short range as well as medium haul to longer range trips.

Recently, our US team have seen an increase in interest for corporate flight programmes across the technology, pharmaceutical, and finance industries. When corporates need travel arrangements for large groups flying between cities or venturing internationally for meetings or frequent business purposes, charter provides flexibility and convenience.

While there has been a rise in interest for multi-city travel, popular frequent shuttle routes (to and back) include city pairs such as New York to Washington, Boston to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Atlanta, Chicago to Los Angeles, and more. Beyond spoke cities, flights across the Gulf Coast, trans-Atlantic and international shuttle routes are often requested, with destinations such as Mexico or Europe.

Here are some of the most popular aircraft used in the US for corporate shuttle flights.


Dornier 328 aircraft charter - Corporate Shuttles

Dornier 328

Range: 1700 miles
30 passengers 

The Dornier 328-100 was especially designed for short range flights. The twin turbo-prop aircraft has a distinct shape, designed for a high cruising speed with a spacious interior. The pressurized cabin with low-noise gives it an atmosphere of a larger passenger aircraft. Ideal for chartered company travel, the three-abreast cabin configuration (with ten rows of 3 seats) can seat up to 30 passengers, with a separate cargo space for baggage. Also used as an air ambulance, there is a medical evacuation aircraft configuration, with space for 4 medical litters or rescue baskets. While the model is discontinued, along with the Dornier 328JET longer-range variants, they are still available for charter. The Dornier 328 jet has a high cruise speed and considerable climb. The aircraft can sometimes be used for cargo.


Embraer ERJ Series: ERJ 135ER / ERJ 145XR

Range: 2013 miles / 2301 miles
37 passengers / 50 passengers

Embraer 135 aircraft charter - Corporate ShuttlesThe long range ERJ series aircraft are narrow-bodied and sleek, delivering high turbo-prop performance. Sitting three across in the typical cabin configuration, these aircraft equipped with overhead storage for convenience along with multiple galley configurations where you can host custom catering on board.

The ERJ 135ER has a cruise speed of M 0.78, with is a dual configuration for either 30 or 37 seats. The ERJ135ER flies an additional 450 nautical miles (at max seating capacity) than the baseline ERJ 135 model.Embraer ERJ 145 aircraft charter - Corporate Shuttles

The largest in the ERJ series, the ERJ 145XR is the extra long range aircraft and seats 13 more passengers and flies an additional 250 more miles. A longer aircraft (with more takeoff weight and fuel capacity than the ERJ135ER) travels at a cruise speed of Mach 0.8. 




Bombardier Challenger 850 CSBombardier Challenger 850 aircraft charter - Corporate Shuttles

Range: 2443 miles
50 passengers

Based on Bombardier’s CRJ200, the Challenger 850 is available in a corporate shuttle configurations: 30 first class seats or 50 commuter seats. At it’s max capacity the Challenger 850 CS has a shorter range than the Challenger 850 CS ER. The cabin can be three zone configured, with two washrooms, galley, accessible baggage storage area; depending on the configuration, a separate area can be used as a lounge or meeting area.


CRJ-200LR charterBombardier CRJ-200LR

Range: 1824 miles
Seating: 50 passengers

For taking groups coast-to-coast, the CRJ 200 is perfect for corporates, or even sports teams. The longer range CRJ-200 offers greater efficiency than its predecessor CRJ 100 and better performance for accessing more challenging airport runways. The 2x2 configuration offers 50 coach seats. The CRJ200 offers exceptional air quality with 100% non-recycled, fresh air and a quiet cabin.


Airbus A319 aircraft charter - Corporate Shuttles

Airbus A319LR

Range: 5178 miles
Seating: 48 or 102 passengers

Recognized by its shorter fuselage in the Airbus 320 family, the longer range version of the standard Airbus A319 is a great aircraft choice for a transatlantic corporate shuttle. Traveling over 800 miles more than the standard A319, the A319LR is equipped with additional fuel tanks, perfect for intercontinental city-to-city flights. A popular option for corporate travelers going between cities, the cabin is best fitted with 48 executive seats that recline with spacious legroom and overhead bins. For a larger group traveling medium haul, 110 seats configuration is also possible. This Airbus model is capable of a rapid medical air evacuation.


Fokker 100

Range: 1678 miles
Seating: 109 passengers

While there may only be a few flying nowadays, this medium sized jet was intended for short-range travel, the Fokker 100 isknown for versality and cost-efficiency, the Fokker 100 has the “lowest seat mile costs in the 100 seat market”. A typical seating arrangement has 100 seats with 2 abreast or 109 with 3 abreast seating. The Fokker100 cabin has a spacious overhead bin, and cabin configurations include 3 washrooms and hot galleys. Fokker 100 has emissions below below ICAO CAEP/4 limits and low exterior noise output. 


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