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Reasons to fly with your family by private jet

Air Partner - 12 jul. 2019

As everyone takes time off over the summer months to spend time with family and loved ones, we see an increase in leisure flights for family groups across Europe and further afield. Whether you are a small or large family, flying with grandparents, parents, children or grandchildren, the benefits of flying privately come into their own.

Here are just some reasons why our clients choose to fly their family with us over the summer season, followed by the top 3 private jets that we recommend for family flights. 

Customised on-board entertainment

Keep the children entertained with movies, TV and music. Most of the newer private jets also offer excellent Wifi technology, allowing you to stay connected during your journey.


Easy luggage transportation

Whether you're flying with surf boards, golf clubs, buggies or any other kind of outsized luggage, flying by private jet makes it a breeze. Many aircraft models also have direct access to the hold, so you can access any of your bags during flight. And of course, you can forget your worries of lost or redirected baggage.


Bespoke in-flight dining

Sit back and enjoy your flight as part of your getaway. From 3 course meals to platters, afternoon tea, children's meals, vegan specialities, champagne, wine, or even a dish from your favourite restaurant, dine exactly as you wish on your journey.


Pets can come along

Don't leave a family member behind! With private jet charter its simple and easy to bring your four-legged family member along for the holiday too. They will travel in the cabin with you and we can advise on any documentation required.


Less stress

Leave your travel woes of airport crowds, security queues and scheduled service delays behind. Start your family getaway with the peacefulness of a private terminal, the efficiency of arriving just 20 minutes before take-off and the ease of the security and check-in process.


Family time in flight

Ultimately, flying by private jet allows you to spend more quality time with your family. Share the excitement of your trip together in your private cabin and enjoy each other's company.

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