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Trending destinations for 2020

Air Partner - 05 ene. 2020

Travel trends in 2020 are predicted to shift towards a growing interest in nature and outdoor activities as well as travel for large events. To inspire you on your 2020 travels, we have put together a list of our favourite destinations of this year.  

Tel Aviv, Israel 

Tel Aviv is the perfect combination of ancient history and modern lifestyle, with an amazing beach on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. Jaffa Beach will steal your heart with its dazzling colours and amazing waves, where lying under the sun is just as pleasant as taking your first surfing lesson. 

If you are looking for a city tour, Tel Aviv won’t disappoint either. Discover the 1930’s Bauhaus architecture in the White City district, which is home to over 4000 Bauhaus-style buildings and is an UNESCO-designated area. The city also has a buzzing gastronomic scene, where traditional dishes are combined with fine dining. 

Nearest airport: Tel Aviv  

Flight time from London: Approx 5 hours 

Recommended private jet:  Embraer Legacy 500 


Tokyo, Japan 

Tokyo 2020

Japan is all about the grandiose events this year. It will be the centre of attention as home to the 2020 Summer Olympics. For the avid gamers, Japan will also be host to the opening of the Super Nintendo World. 

However, it would be a mistake not to recognise Tokyo’s elegant charm besides these monumental events. The cherry blossoming should be on every traveller’s bucket list for being a once in a lifetime experience. If you are after hidden gems in the city, visit the Espace Louis Vuitton gallery on the 7th floor of the brand’s flagship store in Omotesando Building. 

Nearest airport: Tokyo Narita 

Flight time from London:  Approx 11 hours 30 mins  

Recommended private jet: Gulfstream 650 


Galway 2020

Galway, Ireland 

Ireland’s west-coast city is about to be put on the map of international travellers as it becomes the 2020 European Capital of Culture. Get a taste of Irish art and gastronomy through the several bohemian events held across Galway’s pubs and beaches. 

Galway is also the perfect place to discover the incredible beauty of nature. Located in Galway county, the area has beautiful beaches as well as hiking opportunities with a high chance of stumbling upon stunning castles on your way. 

Nearest airport: Galway 

Flight time from London: Approx 1 hour 20 mins 

Recommended private jet: Cessna Mustang 

Malindi, Kenya 

Kenya 2020

Malindi is indeed your classic beach resort - and so much more. It does not only have the most exquisite beaches but also offers a glance at the country’s diverse aquatic wildlife in Malindi Marine National Park, making it an idyllic spot for diving and snorkelling. 

Once you’ve had enough of swimming in the ocean, turn your gaze towards the mainland; Marafa Depression – also known as Hell’s Kitchen – is one of the most astonishing canyons you could visit. 

Nearest airport: Mombasa* 

Flight time from London: Approx 9 hours 40 mins 

Recommended private jet:  Falcon 7X 

*Or connect through Nairobi onto turbo-prop and fly into Malindi 

Milwaukee 2020

Milwaukee, USA 

Milwaukee lies on the western shore of Lake Michigan and is well known for its breweries. The city also has an incredible selection of bars and restaurants, making it every foodie’s dream location. 

We can’t go without mentioning the marvellous building of the Art Museum, that is just as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the outside. The more active travellers will also find Milwaukee a gem with its numerous bike lanes offering scenic views you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Nearest airport: Milwaukee Int’l 

Flight time from London: Approx 7 hours 30 mins  

Recommended private jet:  Bombardier Global 6000 


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