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What to consider when travelling by private jet during COVID-19

Air Partner - 23 mar. 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues, we would like to assure you that we are continuing to work around the clock to organise private jet flights. To help you plan your travel, we have answered some of the questions you might have at this time about flying by private jet. The situation is constantly evolving, so please speak to an Account Manager for the most up to date information. You can contact us directly on or +44 1293 844 888.

Is there still private jet availability?

Yes, availability is good at the moment. As it is a fast-moving situation, we generally have visibility of availability in the market 2 – 3 days in advance. This means availability gets booked up quickly and we are therefore seeing fast turnarounds of flight bookings. Whilst still possible, it can be more of a challenge to arrange flights more than 3 days in advance.


Where can I travel to?

The biggest challenge at the moment are the travel restrictions, which is a continuously evolving situation. However, we have all the latest information and can provide you with advice and solutions to help you get where you need to be. In general, the current travel situation allows citizens to fly into their home country. In addition, you can also still fly many other routes and domestic US flights are also continuing. Some of the locations we have organised flights to/from over the past week include Morocco, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, France, Russia, Cyprus, Canada and many domestic routes within the US. Contact our team who can advise you on your specific enquiry.


How much notice should I give?

Due to short-term visibility of availability, it is generally best to give 2 – 3 days' notice before you fly at the moment. We can however organise last-minute flights with much less notice and have got clients airborne within 2 hours.


What advice can you give for flying at this time?

We recommend that you are prepared to make a quick decision once we have sent you a proposal, so that we can secure your aircraft. This is due to availability going quickly in a fast-moving and changing market.


What measures are we putting into place to ensure your safety during COVID-19?

We are working closely with all of our partners to make sure that every aircraft undergoes deep cleaning before each use. In addition, all crew members are fully briefed in hygiene precautions and additional hygiene products are available on each flight. We are in constant communication with airports and other suppliers to guarantee security and speedy service for our clients.


Is it safer to fly by private jet during this time?

From a health and safety perspective, private aviation offers many benefits over commercial flight. We only offer entire aircraft charter, as opposed to jet sharing, so you are in control of how many flight companions you have. This means there is a highly reduced risk of airborne transmission from a fellow traveller. And since the planes often leave from their own private terminals, you also do not risk exposure in an overcrowded commercial airport lounge. You go through security more quickly and have no lengthy waits in line, either to check-in or to board. These conveniences of private charter are now becoming attractive benefits for health reasons.


What private jet flight services are available in the US?

At the moment, US airspace remains open and we are continuing to organise domestic flights. Our team are closely monitoring the availability of aircraft and any operational rules that might be put into place. In the past couple of weeks, we've seen particular demand from businesses requiring corporate shuttles between certain city pairs to minimize exposure to large group gatherings such as at airport terminals. We're working closely with businesses to customise flight experience and schedules to help them keep moving and safeguard their people during these difficult circumstances.


Can I still fly with my pets?

Yes, you are able to fly with your pets. We recently repatriated a family along with their 3 pet dogs. Please speak to our team directly for advice if you have a request about flying with your pets.


What experience does Air Partner have delivering evacuation flights in a crisis situation?

We have supported individuals, governments and organisation across the world with evacuation flights during a number of crises, such as the Ebola outbreak, the Arab Spring and delivering aid and relief in response to natural disasters. Earlier on in the COVID-19 crisis, we worked with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office to evacuate British and EU nationals from Wuhan, China, and later to evacuate British and Irish nationals from the quarantined cruise ship in Japan. We worked closely with Public Health England to ensure all protocol was in place and UK government medical professionals were also on-board the aircraft to assist the passengers and crew during the flight.


What other services can we provide during this time?

Our Freight service is already actively working with businesses to help recover supply chain issues. If you have any potential supply chain issues, particularly around China or South-East Asia as a result of COVID-19, then our Freight service can help with regular one-way availability to and from and intra-Asia for any urgent requirements. We are already supporting the retail, construction, pharma and medical industries, as well as re-supply flights to and from China for FMCG multinationals. In addition to Freight charter, we continue to offer our range of passenger charter services across Group Charter and Private Jets. We have also launched Air Partner Protect that allows you to safeguard your flights with us by mitigating risk, offering reassurance and guidance during the COVID-19 outbreak. We can offer tailored support in addition to our core charter offering and will help bespoke any solution to match your requirements.


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