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Which private jets can fly internationally?

Air Partner plc - 05 nov. 2018

We compare two global jets that are ideal for flying between Europe and America. Aside from VIP airliners, these ultra-long range jets will get you as far as private jets can and are often requested by Air Partner clients for international flights.

Global 6000 versus Falcon 8X

The next generation

Both jets are successors of existing popular private jet models – Bombardier's Global 6000 an advancement of the Global Express and Dassault's Falcon 8X a progression on the Falcon 7X. They are ultra-long range jets, usually seating between 12 and 14 passengers and capable of flights up to 12 – 14 hours.

In-flight comfort 

Bombardier took inspiration for the design of the Global 6000 interiors from the high-end automotive industry. Most models are configured with a forward club four section, a central four-seat conference group, an aft stateroom with a three-seat sofa and two facing individual chairs.

A bigger build

The Falcon 8X improves on its 7X predecessor with a longer cabin allowing the possibility of 30 different seating configurations. However, the Global 6000 has a marginally wider and longer cabin than the 8X, with 7'11" width and 43'3" length versus the 7'8" cabin width and 42'8" length of the French built 8X aircraft.

High performance

Dassault answers Bombardier's slightly larger cabin with a better range of 6,450nm to their 6,000nm and a better performance on shorter runways thanks to its tri-jet advantage. The 8X is able to use London City, making Dassault the first manufacturer to have its entire family of aircraft approved to use this notoriously challenging airport.

State of the art technology

The luxurious cabins offered by both jets are enhanced by the latest technologies. The 8X has the FalconCabin HD+ cabin management system that gives passengers control over their environment. The Global 6000 has the same capability along with its Ka-band technology allowing excellent connectivity. Both aircraft have state of the art Wifi and entertainment systems, allowing passengers to work or relax as they choose.

The Global 6000 has the cabin size advantage, whilst the Falcon 8X has some useful performance advantages. They are both impressive and luxurious aircraft that we would recommend for international flying or if you just prefer a more spacious on-board experience.

Global 6000 

Cabin length 43'3"
Cabin width 7'11"
Cabin height 6'2"
Typical seating 3 crew + 13 passengers
Range 6000nm
Wingspan 94' 


Falcon 8X 

Cabin length 42'8"
Cabin width 7'8"
Cabin height 6'2"
Typical seating 3 crew + 14 passengers
Range 6450 nm
Wingspan 86'

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