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Sustainability Policy

We are committed to understanding and improving the impact of our operations on the environment and society. Our goal is to develop and implement a long-term strategy, operating within a responsible and sustainable framework


Carbon Offset Scheme - we aim to promote sustainable flying to balance our environmental responsibilities. Our partnership with ClimateCare provides our customers with the ability to offset carbon emissions of their private charter flights. The scheme is an 'opt-in' which gives our customers the flexibility to add the cost of offsetting to their charter flight.

Carbon reduction programme for our offices - we actively promote the use of public transport, cycling to work initiatives, car sharing, and home working coupled with the increased use of video conference technology to reduce employee travel.


We create an inclusive safe working environment for our people to ensure they reach their full potential, through initiatives such as our Career Development Framework, Mental Health First Aider group, and an employee advisory panel established as an engagement mechanism for the Board of Directors.

Positively impacting the communities in which we operate by continuing to create employment opportunities in local markets, drive charitable initiatives and activity encouraging staff by offering volunteering days.


A strong governance framework aligned to the Group’s long-term strategic development is critical to support the business and enhance stakeholders interests for the future. Within this a key objective is to promote an open and inclusive culture and high ethical working standards.