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We answer your frequently asked questions about taking your pet on-board your private jet with you

What private jet aircraft is recommended for flying with my pets?

With a variety of private jet models available, the selected aircraft will depend on how many passengers you will have, in addition to the number of pets. With access to over 7000 aircraft, your Account Manager will recommend the best aircraft availability options that meet all your requirements and are most suitable for your group and animal companion's flying needs.

Are there additional fees to fly by private jet with pets?

As you are chartering the use of the entire aircraft, there are no additional fees to bring your pet on board – just as there are no additional fees for passengers. This also applies to JetCard members - there are no hidden or additional fees to fly with pets on any of your trips. If a cabin upgrade is required to give you a bit more space, simply pay the difference without penalty.

Is flying my pet safe?

Flying with your pet by private jet is a safe solution and will give you peace of mind. Having your pet in the cabin with you is a much safer option than them travelling in hold, where you can't asses or have any control over the environment. When flying privately, there are always rules in place to ensure safety – such as dogs being on a leasd on the tarmac and having a harness on-board that can be attached to the seats' safety belts, should you experience any turbulence on your journey.

When flying by private jet, does my pet travel in the cabin with me?

Absolutely. Private jets provide a solution for travelers who wish to have their pets fly in the cabin with them. Your pet will board at the same time as you and be by your side throughout the journey.

Does my pet need to be in a pet crate or container?

While specific measures are taken by the Air Partner team and our operators to ensure a safe journey, pets can generally sit next to you and on the seat, outside of a crate or container. Larger pets over a certain weight may be required To travel in a crate.

What do I need to bring for my pet when we fly?

Pet owners typically bring a lead for their pets and any other accessories that their pets require such as bedding, toys and some treats.