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Top 3 Supercar Brands 

From private jets to supercars. Introducing our latest partner, Groves...  

At Air Partner, we endeavour to go the extra mile for you and enhance your experience with us by giving you access to some of the very best services through working with like-minded partners. 

Time and transparency are both considerations that we know are important when choosing a service, whether it involves private jets or cars. Our latest partner is Groves, an expert consultancy in cars. We hope this article gives you some insider knowledge on the supercar brands that are making a stir in the market right now and a taste of how Groves can help you.

Thinking about investing in a supercar?  

With an increasing number of people grappling for the latest limited production supercars, it can certainly be a challenge to be accepted by a leading manufacturer to own these exclusive cars. There are, however, ways of doing this, and even to secure your position with these manufacturers for many years to come. New supercars are already selling for a massive premium and with promising models soon to come to the market, its more important than ever to get both early and exclusive access to these manufacturers.

Supercar brands making a stir in the market 

If return on investment is what you are looking for in a supercar, we’ve put together 3 brands that have made a stir in the market recently, along with their newest models that showcase the exciting developments being made in the automotive space right now. Having already sold out in a short space of time, these cars exemplify the importance of having the right advice and connections to ensure your preferential access to limited production models.

Aston Martin 

Aston martin

The Valkyrie will be the legacy of Red Bull F1’s Chief Technical Officer Adrain Newey, whose remit was building “a piece of art”, yet something fierce and powerful - this car brings F1 performance to the road. A very limited run of 150 road cars will be produced with the Cosworth 6.5 litre naturally aspirated engine producing 1130hp. At a rumoured price of £2.7m + taxes there was an extensive list of disappointed buyers who were not lucky enough to be selected. 



Project One Hypercar is the first road production car to be built with a Formula One engine, but only 275 lucky owners will get to own a piece of motoring history. At a cost of €2.275m + taxes, it buys you over 1000hp and 0-62 in under 2.5 seconds, not to mention exceeding 220 mph! Whilst the car hasn’t yet been built, they are already changing hands with up to a €1m premium.



La Ferrari Aperta boasts the ultimate in open top driving. Ferrari produced 499 of the Coupé, but only 210 of the Aperta. They are both powered by the 6.3 Litre v12 engine with F1 Kers technology, boosting the car to 950hp.  Return on investment has been particularly impressive, with clients benefitting from an average of 150% profit on both cars.

About Groves

Whilst these exclusive supercars may set your heart racing, you don’t need to spend millions with these brands to see a great financial return. Clients have seen amazing profit returns of 75% - 120% for very short-term ownership of other select models from Ferrari and Porsche.

Groves’ clients want the benefit of the savings and knowledge gained by approaching multiple dealerships and manufacturers, but without spending the time researching themselves. They also want fair and unbiased advice with their own interests at the forefront, as well as a transparent service, so they can understand where they are making savings and the exact cost of Groves’ service. Offering everything from new supercars to rare classics to your daily prestige car, get in touch with us to find out more about Groves.

If you would like to speak to an Account Manager and find out more about Groves services or enquire about a private jet trip, contact us on the details below. We also have a specialist Cargo service, experienced in transporting valuable cars worldwide. | +44 1293 844 866