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Air Partner provides secure and quick AOG services via cargo charter aircraft for bigger aircraft parts or via private jet for smaller parts to destinations worldwide 24/7. We organize full or part charter for heavy and oversized urgent freight deliveries like bigger automotive spare parts, aircraft engines, relief goods, medical equipment and more.

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Cargo: Aircraft wheels of a B777

Aircraft: AN12

Route: LUX (Luxembourg) – DAR (Dar es Salaam)

Air Partner’s German office received an urgent request to fly aircraft wheels and undercarriage parts for an AOG of a B777. The shipment consisted of 10 wheels and 4 undercarriage parts, which was a perfect fit for an AN12. The parts were located in the west of Germany and the aircraft was waiting for these parts in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (DAR). Since traffic rights for a flight could take up to two working days in Germany, it was decided to truck everything to Luxembourg (LUX) where traffic rights are granted much quicker. The AN12 was still in Europe from a previous flight and would need only 3 hours to position to LUX after the confirmation of the traffic rights. During the traffic rights application and positioning of the aircraft, the parts were brought to LUX and scanned so that all was ready when the aircraft arrived. LUX was pre-alerted to secure a smooth handling and loading of the a/c. The ground time in LUX was minimized to 1hrs45min. The AN12 arrived the next day in Dar es Salaam (DAR) and received a parking position right next to the strikened B777 which provided for a swifty transfer of the shipment.


Case study: B777 engine including tooling

Fully dedicated, urgent aircraft transport for a replacement Boeing 777 engine on stand as well as a replacement stand, tooling, replacement brake units and main wheels to Jamaica. Another freight aircraft already in the US, was arranged for 24 hours later to bring the damaged engine back to the UK.

Case study: A380 Inlet including tooling

Fully dedicated, urgent aircraft transport replacement, A380 Inlet (including full dangerous goods declarations.) Due to a great relationships held by Air Partner, the charter operation was permitted to depart directly from Europe, an airport that rarely sees such kind of freight operations.

Case Study: Airbus A330 engine cowling and tooling

Fully dedicated, urgent aircraft to transport wide dimensioned piece down to East Africa during Christmas. Due to numerous overflight countries, a lot of work had to be put into rush all overflight permits to be granted in time for the flight.

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Air Partner's RED-TRACK technology is a unique and innovative tracking system and provides valuable real-time in-transit visibility by updating you and your contacts via SMS, email and/or online-diary.

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