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About us

Air Partner plc is a global aviation services group that provides high added value aviation solutions in the areas of aircraft charter and remarketing, specialist travel management, aviation safety & security and crisis & emergency planning.

Our clients include corporate customers (such as sports teams and tour operators), governments and high net worth individuals, who require our skills and expertise to solve often complex aviation requirements, as well as civil and military organisations who seek to maximise their aviation safety 

Comprehensive solutions for a complex world

Our charter services and solutions are both complex and comprehensive. We have:

  • Taken our clients around the world more than 30,000 times
  • Used over 1,500 different aircraft
  • Received almost 20,000 unusual requests
  • Evacuated tens of thousands of passengers
  • Taken 18,000 people from 45 countries for one event over 10 weeks
  • Flown more than 1,200 sports teams
  • Been involved in all FIFA World Cups since 1961
  • Booked over 10,000 BA seats in a year

At the peak of the Ebola crisis we were operating flights every 48 hours carrying cargo of medical equipment and supplies, vehicles, construction materials and protective clothing. With the support of our 24/7 Operations Department our teams worked tirelessly to secure overflight permits and landing permits to ensure the urgent cargo was delivered rapidly.

In recent years the Group transported 600 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the Philippines when Typhoon Haiyan devastated the region. During the Arab Spring, which coincided with several natural disasters, Air Partner worked around the clock to evacuate more than 12,000 people from across the Middle East in just six weeks, while also delivering aid to Japan and New Zealand.

Air Partner France has flown a spectacular, gigantic mechanical Horse Dragon to Beijing to participate in a Chinese parade to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and China. The unique 12 metre high, 46 tonne mechanical model was flown from France to China on an Antonov 124 with the loading taking six hours.

Air Partner, was entrusted with carrying 18 tonnes of artefacts from Rabat in Morocco to Paris Vatry in France for an exhibition of ‘Medieval Morocco’ at the world famous Louvre Museum. The exhibition includes pieces of art such as architectural decoration, textiles, ivory and calligraphy dating back to the 11th-15th centuries, with some pieces up to 4m in height.

Air Partner operates around 50 automotive flights every month, averaging on two flights per working day.

Air Partner chartered a whole aircraft exclusively for one of Vermeer’s renowned paintings. The piece was transported to a State Museum in Rome for a short term exhibition.

Air Partner operated an on-board courier from Copenhagen to the Bahamas to deliver a Fiva Valve for a ship.

The largest piece of freight delivered in 2014 was an oil pipe, measuring 150m in length.

Commercial jets

We charter large aircraft for 20+ people for governments, corporates, sports and entertainment teams, industrial, manufacturing customers and tour operators.

Private jets

We charter small aircraft and jets for up to 19 people - for corporates, high net worth individuals and governments – business and leisure.


We charter cargo transport aircraft and part-charter for regular and bespoke requirements, including emergency aid drops, time-critical door-to-door freight delivery and on-board couriers.

Consulting & Training

We deliver consultancy, training and managed services solutions to civil and military organisations improving safety and compliance within a highly regulated arena.

Where we operate

250 aviation professionals in almost 20 countries across four continents Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia.