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Our strong values are embedded into our business to help unite us and deliver our Company vision and goals. By putting our customers first, we create the difference.


Care deeply

Customer First is in our DNA, whether our customers are internal or external. Treat people how you like to be treated. So work closely, listen carefully and respond with warmth and humility. Exceed people's expectations. Deeply value their contributions. Always go the extra mile.

Take responsibility

Be the trusted partner people count on. Do what you say you'll do and follow through. Taking full responsibility shows true respect. So if something goes wrong, be open, transparent and honest. Employ ingenuity and integrity to find the fair way forward.

Live your passion

Let your passion for work fuel your hunger to discover the new. Stay curious and informed, fearlessly trying fresh approaches that propel everyone forward. Respect each other's know-how and amplify expertise, sharing it to help everyone improve.

Work as one

Support and empower each other, as one team – one Air Partner Group. Build, nurture and value roles and relationships with one another. Seek ways to collaborate. Be a champion connector of people, places and services – seeking opportunities to strengthen our commercial and creative success.

Be extraordinary

Extraordinary is a big word. It asks big things of us. To go above and beyond. Push that bit more in everything you do. It's the attitude that turns up the volume on what you believe – and it's vital that we do this, to set us apart as an organisation.