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All Hail the National Geographic Unique Lodges Collection

20 avr. 2017

It's in the nature of private jet travelers to seek out inspirational and rare travel experiences. When our private charter clients tell us they want to organise something unforgettable, we work with The Modern Concierge - the London based boutique private travel specialist to meticulously organise and curate experiences to create everlasting memories

Air Partner is very proud to partner with The Modern Concierge in association with National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World to present our clients with a curated selection of possibilities from the stunning collection of unique lodges sprinkled around the globe.

National Geographic is synonymous with new frontiers. Each lodge is more than a world class hotel - they are a very special collection of rare experiences, offering guests intimate encounters with parts of the world not many get to know, and all committed to sustainable tourism. Private jet travel makes the journey even easier and more special.

National Geographic works with each lodge to create extra special experiences and unforgettable moments for some of the most discerning and adventurous global travelers.

The Modern Concierge works with National Geographic to create & customise private itineraries designed to bring you to extraordinary places around the world.

From modified existing private adventurer expeditions to entirely custom made experiences.

Lack1. Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada

This feat of contemporary architecture, all stilts, angles and vertical lines, contrasts starkly with the granite rock on which it proudly stands. Fogo Island sits just off the coast of Newfoundland and was designed by local architect, Todd Saunders.

What National Geographic says:

Fogo Island Inn came to be for all the right reasons. The brainchild of high-tech entrepreneur and native Newfoundlander Zita Cobb, the inn was conceived as a way to save one of Canada's oldest rural cultures. Available jobs on the island had plummeted with the crash of the cod industry, and the population had dwindled to half its size in just a few decades.

Enter a daring idea to build a lodge that combines contemporary and traditional design, that would exist in symbiosis with the local community, employing its people, celebrating its traditions, and offering guests an honest, authentic experience with an outport culture that remains little changed over the centuries. The result has been a wonderful renaissance of traditional woodworking, weaving, quilting, and other crafts, and the once-threatened community now thrives—precisely by embracing the customs that define them.

Fogo Island Inn was created by a registered charity of Canada called Shorefast Foundation, and it is operated as a social business. All surpluses from the inn's operations belong to the local community.

Nearest Airport - Gander International

Private Jet Recommendation - Challenger 605



Capella Lodge2. Capella Lodge, Lord Howe Island, Australia

Capella Lodge is one of the most exclusive and in demand hotels in Australia. Land in Sydney or Brisbane and then from there, it's a two hour flight to the island. This is one for those seeking a digital detox - there is no cell phone reception on the island. Best time to visit September through May, although sunseekers should stick to the December - March summer season.

What National Geographic says:

Lord Howe Island stretches less than seven miles from end to end, and not even two at its widest point, and yet you can easily spend days here immersed in the beauty, going on walks or strenuous hikes, snorkeling amid colorful reef fish, exploring by bike or kayak, and discovering flora and fauna. A full two-thirds of the island is a national park, and UNESCO declared it and its neighboring islets a World Heritage site in 1988. Because millions of years passed before the first settlers arrived in the 1830s, the wildlife here is unusual, unafraid, and often endemic. Lord Howe Island also counts as one of the best birding destinations in all of Australia.

No more than 400 tourists are allowed on the island at any time—a policy Capella Lodge helps manage—and the island has only 360 residents. Wilderness reigns here and the lodge does not interfere, following green practices that have a low impact on the environment and encouraging the growth and protection of native plants. The lodge works closely with local conservationist and naturalist guide Ian Hutton, who has led efforts to remove invasive species from the island and spearheads an engaging nature program available to lodge guests.

Nearest Airport - Port Macquarie 

Private Jet recommendation - Citation Mustang



Brando3. The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

Marlon Brando went to some lengths for privacy...French Polynesia in fact. Now, his island home is one of the premier luxury eco-lodges of the world. Jet into Tahiti and then aboard the island's own small aircraft for the 20 minute transfer flight. The island welcomes children of all ages. The island is year round with a dry winter and a rainy summer.

What National Geographic says:

Set in a tropical idyll, The Brando is an exquisite luxury resort with a mission. The all-inclusive resort is a model of sustainable technology, integrating green practices and strong sense of environmental stewardship into an extraordinary guest experience. Carrying out the vision of its forefather, Marlon Brando, it was built using local, renewable, and recycled materials and designed to blend in with its surroundings. Its purpose is to protect and restore the incomparable treasures of Tetiaroa by involving its guests in research, discovery, and exploration on the atoll.

As part of this mission, the lodge established the Ecostation, a research station now managed by the nonprofit Tetiaroa Society, which is carrying out studies on the local ecosystems in conjunction with leading research institutions from around the world, including Smithsonian Institution, the University of Washington, CRIOBE, and others.

Nearest Airport - Papeete

Private Jet Recommendation - Falcon 7X



Tierra Patagonia4. Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, Patagonia, Chile

This lodge is all about scale, space and serenity, neighbouring the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, these lands are pure and protected.

What National Geographic says:

Tierra Patagonia feels like part of the Patagonian scenery, from the way it curves into the landscape to the way it was built and furnished: tapping the skills of Chilean craftspeople and using natural materials including local wood from a sustainable forest.

Its elegant, innovative design—inspired by traditional Chilean estancias and the building style of the indigenous Tehuelche people—blends into the landscape from the exterior, while the wood-clad interior conveys a sense of sweeping movement and great expanses, much like the dramatic Patagonian landscapes it looks out upon.

Nearest Airport - Rio Turbio

Private Jet Recommendation - King Air 200

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Pacuara5. Pacuare Lodge, Limón Province, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is appearing on most 'hot lists' right now. Be ready for an adventure because arrival is by a 1.5 hour white-water rafting experience through stunning scenery to the lodge.

Nearest Airport - Puerto Limo International

Private Jet Recommendation - Citation CJ2 

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The Modern Concierge offers a fully bespoke experience, you get a trusted expert to personally plan, manage and be responsible for these tailor made arrangements - plus be on hand at the end of the telephone, throughout your journey (fees apply for this level of elevated services).