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Silver Linings Retreats Start your journey to wellness...

Collaborating with private jet travel specialist, The Modern Concierge, this summer we are curating the ultimate luxury experiences at some of the most exceptional destinations exclusively for Air Partner clients and JetCard members. Our fifth year working together, The Modern Concierge is a trusted travel partner for private families and organisations. First up for summer, we are kicking off with the ultimate wellness experience by private jet...

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It takes strength and resilience to successfully maintain a demanding schedule. Taking time out to re-focus and re-charge is increasingly regarded as a sensible essential. If you're looking for a bespoke retreat as an individual or elite small group, we recommend you turn to Silver Linings Retreats. Take a private jet there and start relaxing and re-charging as soon as your journey starts, with a peaceful experience, a comfortable, quiet private cabin and in-flight bespoke healthy menus.


Wellness with Silver Linings Retreats

Silver Linings Retreat

Silver Linings began some years ago with retreats on the beautiful private island of Kamalame Cay in the Bahamas. Next added was elemental La Granja Ibiza. But for this summer, it's all about the first retreats taking place at Cugo Gran in the southern reaches of Menorca. The Silver Linings holistic approach rests on four pillars of wellness: mindful movement, rest and relaxation, nourishment and sleep. It also draws on the healing power of the beautiful natural surroundings of their magical retreat homes.

The New Menorcan Retreat Home

Silver Linings retreat

The new Menorcan property has stunning landscaped gardens with beautiful rooms and views. Just outside Sant Climent, Cugo Gran is a charmingly restored country-house surrounded by lush vineyards and lavender fields, an idyllic and beautiful setting for a retreat and closer to London than the Bahamas! Silver Linings Retreats are bringing their global community of wellness experts together to create something unique and in tune with the gorgeous natural surroundings. On each retreat, mindful movement is combined with restorative healing therapies and beautifully balanced nourishing food to create a truly transformational experience.

Trained By True Experts

Silver Linings Retreat

Regularly featured in The Financial Times How To Spend It and The Daily Telegraph, Silver Linings host holistic wellness experiences in magical settings around the world, but attract extra attention due to the expert founder, Chrissy Sundt, being an ex-Royal Ballet dancer. Her story of healing from injury which ended her dancing career became the inspiration for Silver Linings. Stand back and prepare for ballerina-level focus and great results during Chrissy's Silver Linings classes.

The Silver Linings secret is how Sundt expertly draws upon these movement disciplines to create bespoke plans for each individual on retreat. This gives the flexibility of 3, 5 and 7-days wellness experiences during Silver Linings residency at a growing number of locations around the world. Taught by an ex-ballerina, and still chorographer, Pilates, Yoga and Barre teaching become elevated experiences. Just as the roster of homes has evolved, so too has the Silver Linings story, and now retreats are co-hosted by leading contemporaries in wellbeing. This September, Niki Rein will join the Menorca retreat – the very founder and master trainer of internationally acclaimed Barrecore, bringing her fitness passion and expertise to the island.

Silver Linings Retreats, Menorca

4-day wellness programme
May 13-17 or September 23-27
From £1700 per person (excluding accommodation and private jet - get in touch for a full quote)

Nearest airport: Mahon
Flight time from London: Approx 2 hours 5 mins
Recommended private jet: Cessna Citation XLS

Silver Linings Retreats, Bahamas

3, 5 or 7-day wellness programme
May 31 - June 14
From £1665 per person (excluding accommodation and private jet - get in touch for a full quote)

Nearest airport: Nassau
Flight time from London: Approx 9 hours 20 mins
Recommended private jet: Falcon 7X

Bespoke Retreats

Silver Linings Retreat

Why not ask The Modern Concierge to arrange a fully bespoke Silver Linings Retreats for you and your guests? This is a worldwide service meaning you could host the retreat at your home, on your yacht or even hotel, whenever and wherever you like. Perfect for a group of family or friends. The retreat is fully tailored to your own preferences and wellness goals. Depending on the group size Chrissy will curate your team of world class experts - instructors, massage therapists and chef to create the delicious health-giving Silver Linings menus. The joy of The Modern Concierge is that you can arrange the aircraft, the retreat, ground transport as well as any local insider access or experiences to further elevate and personalise the trip simply by speaking with one person who then co-ordinates it all for you. As simple as that. Let Air Partner organise the most suitable private jet to get you and your guests off to a flying start on the ultimate wellness escape.

Price on application.

View full details of Silver Linings Retreats here

The Modern Concierge

Based in London & Florence, The Modern Concierge is a private travel arrangements service and is a trusted travel partner for individuals, families and private organisations, specialising in global meetings, travel and events involving private jet travel. Their elite service offers clients a single point of contact for planning, research and booking. The Modern Concierge takes care of it all and beautifully for you - jets, villas and exclusive experiences all expertly organised by speaking with the same person - no app, no log-ins, no passwords. An excellent, old fashioned, personal service from The Modern Concierge.