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Aircraft Guide


Thanks to an unsurpassed real-time aircraft availability database, an unbeatable global network of offices, and an unrivalled team of experts, Air Partner is perfectly placed to source any size of aircraft for you for every type of undertaking, anywhere in the world.

Take a look at a few of the aircraft at our disposal, ready for you to just say go.

All kinds of aircraft for all kinds of travel. Just one contact – Air Partner.

Private Jets

When time is the ultimate luxury or if discretion is of the utmost importance, a private jet is the paramount solution.

  • Turboprops

    An economic alternative to jets for shorter sectors. These aircraft have pressurised cabins and offer great short-field performance, which enables more airports to be utilised.


  • Very Light Jets

    An entry-level, brand new range of jet, the VLJs offer great rates in quiet, modern cabins. This type of aircraft is ideal for flights of up to 2 hours. 


  • Light Jets

    This category features a wide range of small executive jets seating from six to eight passengers. All these aircraft have well-appointed cabins and are a popular category in the market. Range can vary from 2 to 4.5 hours.


  • Midsize

    Improved headroom and a separate washroom define this category. Most aircraft seat eight passengers and have a range of three to five hours. Some models offer a flight attendant, the later models also have much-improved luggage space.


  • Super Midsize

    These aircraft offer many benefits of the large jets but at more competitive rates. Full standing headroom, great luggage capacity and spacious cabins make this category a popular choice. Seating varies from eight to 10 and the range of these aircraft is 5 to 8 hours.


  • Large

    These aircraft have spacious cabins, offering six to nine hours range and seating for eight to 16 in first-class executive style. Full standing headroom, galley and in-flight service are standard. The luggage hold can accommodate 15 to 20 assorted-sized pieces.


  • Global Jets

    Large executive jets which offer intercontinental capabilities. Full standing headroom, sleeping arrangements, a galley and in-flight service are standard within the Global Jet category. The luggage hold can accommodate 15 to 25 assorted sized pieces.


  • VIP Airliners

    The ultimate aircraft for private jet travel. These airliners have been converted to accommodate smaller groups in VIP first-class executive seating and are popular for heads of state, offering comfort and luxury with sleeping arrangements for the principal. They are the perfect aircraft for worldwide tours.


Commercial Jets

Every kind of commercial aircraft for all kinds of assignments.

  • Turboprops

    Turboprop aircraft are most suitable for short-haul flights.


  • Regional Jets

    Small aircraft are ideal for smaller groups who wish to fly short-haul.


  • Narrow Bodied

    A narrow body aircraft has a single aisle and is traditionally utilised on short/medium haul routes.


  • Wide Bodied

    Wide bodied aircraft are suitable for any flight for more than 250 passengers.



Aircraft of all capacity, for all requirements, any hour of the day or night, 365 days a year, all with expert advice and support.

  • Small

    Both turbo-props and light jets can provide rapid response, combined with economic performance to meet short-range needs.


  • Medium

    Providing capacity to deliver shipments unable to be flown unsplit on scheduled services, these aircraft combine good economy with the ability to deliver to smaller and off-line airfields.


  • Heavy

    Large and volumetric consignments can be flown between major cities using these aircraft, at rates close to standard air freight but with the flexibility and security that allows you to know your special shipment is being treated as a priority.


  • Oversize

    The most demanding air cargo transports are professionally managed by our dedicated team. From planning to execution, these aircraft permit the transport of heavy & outsized cargo with the minimum effort.