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5 reasons to fly privately over the festive season

Air Partner - 14 dic 2017

With the busy holiday season in full swing, we explain why the luxury of private travel can create the perfect relaxed, enjoyable and stress-free start to your holidays.

1. Flexibility 

Flexibility is a major justification for utilising private aviation, as for many, private flights offer a viable, stress-free alternative to commercial travel – particularly at this busy time of year. Private aviation provides consumers with the power to create a travel itinerary that fits their unique schedule without the expense and long-term commitment of aircraft ownership. Flyers are also granted the ability to travel with their pets, family and friends in one private cabin, offering the comfort and convenience of having everyone onboard together. Air Partner’s JetCard, for example, guarantees availability with as little as twelve hours’ notice, and was recently rated the #1 most flexible membership programme for the fourth consecutive year by Conklin & de Decker.  

2. Time

Time is money! Private aviation affords those traveling for business as well as leisure, the gift of time during the holiday season, eliminating the need to wait in security lines and providing ample opportunity to relax. Without the hassle of long check-in and security queues, private flyers can arrive to an airport minutes, not hours, in advance of their departure. Private flyers can also avoid the hassle of larger commercial airports with access to private terminals in airports closest to their final destination. 

3. Quality of Service 

Flying privately comes with personal service, as well as convenience. Rather than being a part of the stressed-out seasonal commercial flight crowd, private flyers receive unparalleled attention to their individual needs and desires. Continuing to raise the level of expectation with the use of innovative solutions within the industry, Air Partner provides access to a dedicated Account Manager who ensures every detail of booking is taken care of and a 24/7 global support team, who together look after every small detail of your journey.

4. On-board Experience 

Private aviation is about elevating and exceeding expectations. Once on-board, travellers can enjoy an unrivalled in-flight experience. With a much more extensive choice of food, drink and entertainment on-board, flyers can order exactly what they want, when they want it. The refreshing, quiet onboard environment allows for busy business travellers to be productive, while families can be assured that their journey will result in less chaos with more enjoyable time spent together. 

5. Peace of Mind 

Disruption and lack of reliability can be one of the biggest worries for commercial flyers. When traveling privately, the risk of flight delays and cancellations are reduced, while client safety and security are still the number one priority. Qualifications for private aviation pilots are more often greater than those for commercial airline pilots, including minimums for training and experience. Since acquiring companies like Baines Simmons, a world leader in Aviation Safety Consultancy, Air Partner has further strengthened its commitment to putting safety first. 

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