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Alternative destinations to see cherry blossoms in 2020

Air Partner - 07 mar 2020

Spring is just around the corner, which marks the start of the cherry blossom season. Traditionally celebrated in Japan, the sakura season begins mid-March this year and lasts for around 3 weeks. We’ve listed some alternative destinations worth flying for to witness this evanescent beauty of nature.

Washington DC, USA 

When it comes to cherry blossoming, Washington DC is the second most famous destination after Japan. The cherry trees along the 2.1 mile-long circular trail of the Tidal Basin in West Potomac Park paint the area with all the shades of admirable pink and white. The USA capital is also famous for its National Cherry Blossom Festival that celebrates the sakura season with a number of great events.  

Nearest airport: Washington Dulles 

Recommended jet: Global 6000 

Approx Flight Time:  7 hours  



Stockholm, Sweden

Scandinavia might not be your first thought when it comes to cherry blossoms, but the city centre of the Swedish capital is framed by 65 Japanese cherry trees. Kungsträdgården (King's Tree Garden) is a favourite park among locals that hosts numerous events including concerts, exhibitions, food festivals and open-air theatre.  

Nearest airport: Stockholm Bromma  

Recommended jet: Citation Latitude 

Approx Flight Time: Approximately 2 hours 10 min  



Jerte Valley Spain

Jerte Valley, Spain 

The 70km-long Jerte Valley features 2 million cherry trees and is among Spain’s most spectacular regions. To celebrate cherry blossoming, the valley hosts a week-long festival with exhibitions, live cooking workshops, nature walks and many other outdoor activities.  

Nearest airport: Madrid Barajas if arriving from the UK. Salamanca if arriving from the EU due to lack of customs and immigration services 

Recommended jet: Citation XLS 

Approx Flight Time: Approximately 2 hours  




 Bonn, Germany 

A little late to the cherry blossom party, this little German city has the most amazing cherry blossom tunnels along the city streets. The blossoming usually starts in the middle of April and it is so beautiful that it has been featured as a bucket list place to travel to.  

Nearest airport: Cologne Bonn 

Recommended jet: Phenom 300 

Approx Flight Time: Approximately 1 hour 05 min  

Cherry blossoming is an unpredictable event, it’s hard to plan and easy to miss. Our private jet team offer 24/7 services, making it possible to be at your chosen destination 24 hours after the first flower has bloomed.