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Alternative private jet destinations that you might not think of...

Air Partner plc - 06 mar 2018

One of the main benefits of travelling by private jet is the privacy and comfort of flying in solace, removing the hassle and stress of being surrounded by hoards of other people. So why would you want this experience at your destination?

As more and more people are travelling increasingly frequently due to the rise in affordable travel, some of the most popular destinations are becoming overcrowded, particularly in peak season. Whilst there is no replacement for partying under the Ibizan sun, gazing at the ancient relics of Machu Pichhu or cycling along the canals of Amsterdam, we have suggested 3 similar but alternative destinations that you might not have thought of, but are sure to be just as enjoyable. And moreover, you are more likely to be left to enjoy these destinations on your own.



Instead of Ibiza…. Fly by private jet to Hvar

Croatia’s very own party island, Hvar is a great alternative if you are looking for a similarly vibrant party scene to Ibiza on a slightly smaller scale. By combining the historic setting of a small bay town with 13th century walls with a number of excellent bars and clubs it creates a scenic and serene place to party. The architecture consists of city walls dating back to the 13th century, grand gothic palaces, pedestrianised marble streets and the town features plenty of sights to visit, such as the Cathedral of St. Stephen and Tvrdalj Caste – a well-preserved Renaissance building. Even if you are visiting for the nightlife, you must not miss out on the numerous beaches, boasting some of the cleanest and warmest waters of Europe, or seeing the local fields of lavender that thrive in the Hvar area.

Nearest airport Split

Recommended private jet Citation XLS

Flight time from London 2 hours 25 mins


Instead of Machu Picchu… Fly by private jet to Easter Island

If you’re looking for a slightly more cultural and explorative experience, why not unearth the secrets of Easter Island? The meaning of the sophisticated Incan stone walls of Machu Picchu that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views is equally as mysterious as the origins of Easter Island. The earliest settlers of Easter Island are believed to have inhabited the island between 300-400 AD, but there is much speculation about the role and meaning of the near 900 giant Moai statues that stand guard on the island. Aside from the mystical history of the island, there is plenty more on offer to explore. With a strong focus on eco-travel, the island prides itself on some of the best diving, snorkelling and surfing. The small and personable island is perfect for trekking or traversing on horse-back, with an abundance of beaches and, unsurprisingly, fantastic seafood. One of the most remote airports in the world, the views taking-off and landing by private jet are breath-taking, with approach and departures to either of the runway going right over the water.

Nearest airport Easter Island

Recommended private jet Falcon 8X

Flight time from London 18 hours 15 mins (plus 1 refuelling stop)


Instead of Amsterdam… Fly by private jet to Hamburg

Although perhaps not as well known as the Dutch capital, Hamburg is in fact Germany’s second largest city and one of the most wealthiest, thanks to its role as a centre from international trade in the 19th and 20th centuries. With a strong maritime spirit, it has a similar feel to Amsterdam. Its canals run like veins through the city, which also boasts 3 rivers and 2 lakes. The abundance of waterways also means Hamburg features more bridges than both Venice and Amsterdam combined. The artistic and cultural scene is also prevalent in Hamburg, offering 31 theatres and 50 museums across the city, as well as bustling cafes lining the water’s edge of the expansive waterways.

Nearest airport Hamburg

Recommended private jet Phenom 100

Flight time from London 1 hour 30 mins 

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