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For some Perhaps the only way is Private Jet This Summer

Air Partner - 01 lug 2017

Is this going to be the summer of discontent all over again? Hung parliaments, Andy's ankle, BA strikes - when does the good news start?!

It is so often the busiest travel times that get hit the hardest and this year appears to be no different. March saw widespread flight disruption across Europe with some 1,500 flights cancelled due to air traffic control strikes in France. The May bank holiday saw total chaos at Heathrow and Gatwick airports as an IT failure kept 75,000 passengers on the tarmac. Now, adding to it all, BA has announced 16 days of strikes; with luck it will pass without too much disruption, but for many they'll be asking what did we do to deserve all of this?

Of course, we all want to get to our business and holiday destinations as quickly as possible, on time and with little hassle. Air Partner clients do have some advantages here - private jets have more flexibility on many fronts. The security of flying with people you know, to your own schedule, to a wider choice of airfields, and strikes tend not to affect private aviation in quite the same way.

Many of our clients choose our JetCard programme, which allows client's to buy private aviation from six types of private jet category, with guaranteed availability. Already this summer we have seen clients renew JetCard memberships as they try to safeguard against issues impacting the commercial carriers, while other clients just call us up and use us our ad hoc services. 

However, for many we reassure by just being available 24/7, with bags of aviation experience, lots of availability, and an ability to help plot and plan our clients quickest, smoothest and best way to get to up, up and away.

So while we cant stop summers or winters of discontent - we can stop them impacting our clients plans.


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