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Air Partner plc - 22 giu 2017

Although you might have your favourite jet to charter, we believe there is always something new to try. Following our visit to EBACE, here's our top pick of jets to look out for that are currently on or coming soon to the charter market.

Cessna Citation Longitude

With the annual EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) event held only last month, the buzz of excitement around the new aircraft to market is still in the air. One of the highlights at this particular event was the Cessna Citation Longitude. A project that was first announced at EBACE 2012, this long anticipated model is due to the market later this year. The fourth prototype started undergoing the vigorous flight-test program last month and the project is on track for certification later in 2017. Categorised as a super-midsize business jet, Cessna claim that this model will be a revolution in business aviation, due to the combination of its long range and great payload or higher cruise speed at a lower total cost. Perhaps more relevant for the frequent flyer, Cessna also affirms that it’ll provide the lowest cabin altitude and quietest interior in its class, along with a superior fit and finish to the interior. The cabin fits a maximum of 12 passengers, but having a double-club configuration means it allows for a generous amount of legroom for a super-midsize. Moreover, the large walk-in baggage compartment is fully accessible in flight. The interior feels spacious with its fully berthable seating allowing levelling and panning ability and 15 large, carefully places windows let in plenty of natural light. Its range of 3,500 nm means journeys such as Teterboro to Paris, London to Dubai and Singapore to Sydney are well within its capabilities.

Dassault Falcon 8XEBACE

A player in the category of large jets, the 8X is a slight upgrade from the 7X (a popular choice of large cabin jets among Air Partner clients). Its cabin is just 3.5 feet longer than the 7X, but with improvements to wing design it promises to be up to 35% more fuel efficient than its competitors. The only ultra-long-range business jet that can use London City’s 1200m runway, the 8X prides itself on being able to tackle steep approach angles and strong climb-out gradients, as well as performing well in hot and high conditions. Whilst the 8X is certainly bigger than its 7X counterpart, is it really better? Technologically wise, yes. Dassault reconsidered all major structures and systems, adapting them into an integrated, efficient airframe. The revised internal wing architecture not only lightens the wing structure, but also provides more room for fuel. The 8X also takes advantage of more moving control surfaces and its latest generation of digital flight control technology ensures smooth and precise flight path control. The cabin features the FalconCabinHD+ cabin management system, giving your Apple device control of your whole environment. It is the longest cabin Dassault has yet designed and every inch is used to its advantage. Furthermore, the cabin altitude of 3,900 feet whilst cruising at 41,000 feet is a benefit that you can actually feel and likely to result in less jet lag after arrival.

Embraer Lineage 1000

Whilst we discussed the new Embraer Legacy 500 in a recent article, the more established Lineage 1000 certainly deserves a mention. Another ultra-large business jet, its ideal for bigger parties of people, longer trips, or if you prefer a more spacious journey. Promoted by Embraer as a home away from home and the epitome of luxury, this aircraft provides five large, luxurious cabin zones with multiple layout options, featuring a master suite and walk-in shower. And they haven’t forgotten about luggage space either. This model features the largest walk-in in-flight accessible baggage compartment. It has a range of 4600 nm and has a cabin altitude of 7000 feet when cruising at 41,000 feet – slightly beaten by the Falcon 8X. Regarding capacity, it seats between 13 and 19 people with 443 cu.ft. of luggage. In terms of safety, the integrated Fly-By-Wire controls are an excellent addition. One of the first aircraft to integrate this technology in business aviation, it enhances safety, handling, performance and comfort. It allows complete envelope protection in all phases of flight and replaces the conventional mechanical link between flight deck controls and flight control surfaces.

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