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Going above and beyond to repatriate our private jet clients during COVID-19

Air Partner - 06 mag 2020

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, our private jet services became indispensable for many of our clients, as we responded quickly and delivered reliable flights to repatriate and evacuate individuals across the globe.

Many turned to private jet charter as one of few reliable options for travel, as scheduled services were reduced and travel restrictions were starting to be put in place. It also reduced the risk of contact and we worked quickly from the initial outbreak to put measures in place to mitigate risk of exposure. 

In the very early stages of the outbreak, we were predominantly moving clients and their families back to their respective homes across the world. Some of the destinations we repatriated clients from included Italy, France, Morocco, Spain, Russia, Cyprus and the US. During this initial period, we were working on relatively short turnarounds of 1 to 3 days from the enquiry being placed to the flight taking off. One of the many challenges we faced was dealing with new entry requirements that countries imposed and navigating the permissions required. Our team worked around the clock, solving the challenges as they came to get our clients home.

As the situation continued to develop, we began to see requests from corporates to assist with repatriating groups of critical workers from various locations across the world. This meant working hand-in-hand with our Air Evacuation and Group Charter teams to move critical personnel from countries including Saudi Arabia, Angola, Turkey, Romania, Qatar, Iraq and Grand Cayman. 

In retrospect, our quick reactions and response times have never been so valuable. Some clients were in the air within a matter of hours from placing their enquiry. Our ability to deliver flights so quickly was down to our experience and knowledge, and working as one team, leveraging our expertise across all services to ensure we provided the best solution. Ultimately, we were able to provide slick, reliable and often complex flight solutions during what was a very stressful and worrying time for many of our clients needing to get home to their families.

Whilst we are a long way from the ‘new normal’, we are prepared to help with any kind of flight in the coming months as people start travelling again. With many airlines and scheduled services struggling to survive during these difficult ties, we know that clients will be relying on private charter more than ever. We will continue to deliver reliable, flexible and secure private jet solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs during this time, allowing clients to book ahead with peace of mind.


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