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Keep on track with RED-TRACK

Air Partner - 03 set 2018

RED-TRACK is our online booking and confirmation system that allows you real-time tracking and gives you total visibility at every stage of your time-critical shipments.

For time-critical deliveries, a reliable tracking system allows you access to ensure that your cargo reaches its end destination safely and on time – offering you added reassurance when you need it most.

As a customer, you will receive a personalised login that will allow you to track your cargo at any time during the shipment. You will also be able to add in key contacts you wish to be notified at different stages of the delivery chain, through automatic notifications by email or text. Whether you want to notify at take-off or clearing customs, RED-TRACK offers you this flexibility.

A few examples of key stages which you might wish to push notifications to relevant contacts: 

Truck arrival at factory, loading begins, loading finishes, truck arrival at airport, customs cleared, aircraft loading, aircraft take off time, aircraft arrival time, offloading complete, customs cleared, truck loading begins, truck loading finishes, delivery to destination.

RED-TRACK features  

  • Individual consignments personally monitored minute-by-minute, door-to-door, 24/7

  • Client-secure online access to view delivery progress in real time

  • Online ‘Traffic Light’ visual system and to clearly indicate shipment status

  • Countdown clock to indicate time left till your deadline

  • Complete control over event notifications

  • Event notifications simultaneously transmitted to your multiple contacts via email and SMS

  • Online performance analysis estimated against actual, on completion

  • Performance summary


Booking guidance for a successful time-critical charter flight:

1. Send request to Air Partner and receipt acknowledged

Information we require:

  •   Time and date when cargo is ready
  •   Pick up & delivery address
  •   Type of cargo and value
  •   Weight, number of pieces & dimensions
  •   Any special information

2. Quote received from Air Partner within 20 minutes

3. Client confirmation of offered charter flight option

4. Client receives all flight details and authorisations in RED-TRACK

5. Collection of cargo and positioning of aircraft

6. Loading of aircraft and take off

7. Landing, unloading of aircraft, loading of the delivery truck

8. Arrival at consignee, receipt of delivery, POD copy transmitted to client

Via our RED-TRACK tracking system you are able to have visibility & flexibility every step of the way with 24/7 access via your smartphone.


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