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London Airport Guide

Air Partner - 01 feb 2019

One of London’s most central airports for private aviation, RAF Northolt, will be closed for a large part of this year for runway improvements. The closure will take place from 5th April until November 2019, meaning those who fly privately from this airport will need to choose an alternative London base.

RAF Northolt airport is a popular choice due to its proximity to London. However, there are many alternative airports private jet travellers can use when flying to and from London during this period of closure. Discover some of the best alternative airports in our guide below.


London City - LCY / EGLC

London City airport provides an ideal airport for accessing the City and benefits from being the closest to the capital itself. The airport is situated just three miles from Canary Wharf and five miles from central London, also offering good connections to the rest of the South East. Whilst the airport also caters to commercial traffic, it offers an exclusive Jet Centre for private travellers. It also benefits from a dedicated onsite car park, taking just 90 seconds to walk from the car, pass through security and onto your jet. The Jet Centre itself offers facilities including a passenger meeting room, lounge and dedicated car park. Due to the close proximity to Central London, it has stringent rules to limit the noise impact - particularly over weekends. This, in addition to its short runway and steep approach requirements, means that only certain aircraft and crew are able to use the airport. For the same reasons and on the day of the flight this airport is more likely to be subject to weather than some others listed below.

Distance from central London: 5 miles
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 6.30am – 9.30pm, Sat 6.30am – 12.30pm, Sun 12.30pm – 9.30pm


London Biggin Hill - BQH / EGKB

London Biggin Hill airport is situated in Bromley, South East London and offers excellent connections to central London by road, train and helicopter. The airport itself is a dedicated private aviation hub and is an often popular choice with frequent flyers due to its excellent facilities and location. Passengers can enjoy facilities including conference rooms, passenger lounges, private workstations, locked storage room as well as free secure car parking.

Distance from central London: 12 miles
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 6.30am – 11pm, weekends and bank holidays 8am – 10pm


Farnborough - FAB / EGLF

This airport, situated in Hampshire, is dedicated to private jet traffic and offers one of the most modern terminal buildings in the UK. Although slightly further out from central London than airports such as London city and Biggin Hill, helicopter transfers to Battersea helipad can be organised for quick access into the capital. In the airport itself, passengers can make use of the spacious facilities which include a private lounge, passenger showers, Tesla charging points and complimentary parking. There is also a conveniently located hotel nearby, Aviator, a Hotel by TAG.

Distance from central London: 35 miles
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm, weekends and bank holidays 8am – 8pm


London Luton - LTN / EGGW

This airport is situated to the North of London with easy and straightforward access to the M1 motorway. It has the benefit of accommodating arrivals and departures 24 hours a day and offers two dedicated private jet terminals. Another key advantage to those who fly privately further afield than Europe, is that the runway facilities can accommodate larger long range aircraft. The private terminal provides for all the facilities you would expect such as conference rooms, secure storage facilities, passenger lounge, secure parking, snooze room and a VIP suite.

Distance from central London: 35 miles
Opening hours: 24/7


London Stansted - STN / EGSS

Stansted is an airport that is often overlooked for private flights, but provides another option for accessing the capital. This is an especially good alternative if the weather is bad at London City or you want a reliable airport for reaching the financial district. The airport also caters for commercial traffic but the private terminals are situated away from the hustle and bustle from the main airport terminal. Flyers can also spend less time taxiing on the runway after landing due to these private terminals being in close proximity to the runway itself. The airport provides excellent transport links to the capital as well as the South East region. If you're travelling for leisure with family, one of the terminals can provide a dedicated area for children.

Distance from central London: 35 miles
Opening hours: 24/7 (but limited slot availability between 11pm – 6am)


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