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Air Partner: saving Oil & Gas companies time and money in austere times

Air Partner plc - 18 ago 2016

The Oil & Gas industry is notoriously unpredictable. As a result, operations often need to be carried out to a tight time frame, not to mention a tight budget. Air charter specialists provide energy companies with the timely logistical solutions they need in a cost-effective way – whilst also giving them the flexibility that is so important in such a changeable industry. The importance of having a supplier that truly understands their needs is of the utmost importance, due to the precise operating demands, exacting time considerations and safety protocols involved.

For all energy companies, unforeseen interruptions to the supply chain can be extremely costly. Air charter solutions can offer a speed of response and flexibility that means both goods and engineers can be moved quickly to the areas of production, minimising downtime. The reassurance of having a highly skilled and well-connected team on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is invaluable in an industry that is so vulnerable to mechanical and technical failings, and can save a company a huge amount of money in suspended operations. 

Air Partner provides solutions for situations like this on a frequent basis, and just recently carried out a “Go-Now” flight on behalf of an Oil & Gas client that needed us to send specialists to an oil field as soon as possible. The call was received by our Operations team (Ops24) at 7am, and by 9am a solution was offered by the Commercial Jets department. Air Partner was able to call upon its daily availability hotlist, in order to identify potential aircraft solutions straight away, and after a few calls, an aircraft was sourced.

From the time of accepting Air Partner’s proposed solution, it was just three hours until the aircraft was in Aberdeen ready to collect the engineers, and before the hour was out the flight had departed. It was Air Partner’s extensive resources which enabled it to meet the client’s requirements in such a timely manner, despite the last-minute nature of the request and the logistical challenges involved.

No time was wasted in negotiating terms and conditions and a contract was signed within minutes as a service level agreement was already in place. What’s more, as an established and experienced player in the Oil & Gas industry, Air Partner had proposed an aircraft that had passed its own internal Quality due-diligence processes, to ensure no further time was lost in launching the aircraft.  Given the nature of these requests, it is extremely important that Oil & Gas companies work with charter suppliers who are equipped to manage and react to a “Go-now” operation to ensure that mission objectives get achieved with the minimum financial and operational risk. 

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