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Air Partner proves that flying orchestras is their forte

Air Partner - 13 ott 2016

Picture an orchestra and what do you see? Musicians in glamourous outfits playing to packed concert halls? Unfortunately, the reality for the players themselves is not always so glamorous: it involves a lot of travel, late nights and hard work.

Orchestras are often working to tight schedules and small budgets, so keeping travel costs low is a must. This is not least because of the numbers of passengers involved: a typical symphony orchestra is 100 strong …… plus their instruments!

What’s more, orchestras travel around the world for their concerts, often to locations not typically served by scheduled flights. Air Partner’s Commercial Jets team is on hand H24 to provide air charter for any tour of any duration. And to ensure that the client gets the most cost effective solution, Air Partner can provide proposals which include a combination of scheduled and charter flights.

Taking care of musicians’ instruments in transit is of paramount importance, so at Air Partner we pay close attention to the details, such as the dimensions of the overhead cabins and the luggage hold of the aircraft. Sometimes the most appropriate option can be to give instruments their own seats! We understand that most orchestral musicians are perfectionists so we make sure that attention is paid to the smallest minutiae to ensure the smoothest possible journey. And of course at the heart of every orchestra is the conductor, who receives the full VIP treatment. This will often mean fast track security, access to the private lounge and a seat in the front row of the aircraft.

Air Partner isn’t just an expert in the classical world, however: we are used to flying artists across the musical scale. We’ve enjoyed an extremely successful year, arranging a total of 120 flights for its music industry clients, flying them to 90 airports across four continents. This has included top Ibiza performers, famous pop bands, rock tours and many more!

For those wanting to experience their favourite musicians and orchestras in person, Air Partner’s Private Jets team is also on hand to get you to your concert of choice in style and comfort. This winter there are a whole host of European concerts that are not to be missed – be it Vivaldi in Prague or Mozart in Dresden – so stay sharp with Air Partner! 

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