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Air Partner - 24 apr 2016

In previous blogs, we’ve spoken about the logistics of moving people and cargo around the world. Yet another vital service that Air Partner provides is the task of reselling and transporting the planes themselves, and Air Partners’ Cabot Aviation is a leader in their field. 

Recently Cabot announced the delivery of a second Kenya Airways B777-200ER plane to Omni Air International. The aircraft, MSN 33681, was originally delivered to Kenya Airways in 2004 and was operated by the airline on its scheduled routes. This is the second of four planes owned by Kenya Airways to be delivered by Cabot Aviation since they were appointed to the role of the airline’s exclusive remarketing agent in August 2015.

As the potential market for leasing and remarketing aircraft grows, so does the complexity of this process and the importance of specialist companies like Cabot, with the requisite skills and experience. Specialist firms need to be able to cope with the dizzying array of potential aircraft, from 19 seat turboprops to Airbus A380s or even helicopters. Having individuals located in Europe, , Russia,  the Americas and Asia Pacific to deal with the global nature of the work and a team with the ability to speak a variety of languages gives Cabot the competitive edge on its peers.  

Data from 2012 put the percentage of leased commercial jets at 38%, a huge proportion of the commercial market, and this percentage is increasing. One important benefit of leasing over buying is that airlines can tailor the lease durations to their fleet plans if the market changes. This is a particularly appealing option during times of economic instability.  Leasing also requires less capital investment.

So next time you get on a plane, weary at the thought of the journey ahead, remember what Shakespeare said about mankind, that ‘one man in his time plays many parts’. Consider that this might also be true of the aircraft you are travelling in and marvel at the roles it may have played in its lifetime!


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