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Successful AOG delivery minimises cost of disruption

Air Partner Freight - 10 lug 2015

Air Partner Freight team received an urgent AOG enquiry early one Saturday morning. The customer wanted to transport a combination of urgent spare parts and a small team of engineers from UK to Azerbaijan (Baku).

Despite being a weekend the Freight Team responded within minutes having sourced several solutions. The customer confirmed their preferred option of a one way opportunity travelling non-stop from London Luton to Baku.  A vehicle was dispatched to collect the spare parts from the client’s warehouse.

The Freight team faced several challenges to get the flight airborne. Utilising their global relationships and expertise they were able to secure overflight permits for Turkey and Georgia and a landing permit for Baku for arrival on the same day. The team worked tirelessly to secure the necessary approvals and within 4 hours of confirming their choice the customer was airborne en route to Baku allowing them to arrive the same day.

The customer was notified every step of the way using Air Partner’s RED-TRACK system, a secure, real-time tracking tool to advise of delivery progress.

This highlights the benefits of working with an experienced aircraft charter provider with 24/7 operations. We were able to source the right option, resolve the permit issues and get the team and parts where they were needed with minimum fuss to enable them to resolve the AOG situation as quickly as possible. Therefore minimising the disruption and costs associated with the aircraft being out of action.