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The benefits of private jet charter for your ski trip

Air Partner - 24 ott 2018

Time is the one luxury we cannot buy – and it is particularly precious over the winter and Christmas holidays, when family commitments and intense pressure on flight routes to ski destinations make seamless air travel solutions all the more important.


Above all, private jet charter affords you time. The large international airport hubs, such as Geneva, become extremely congested during the winter season, both in terms of people and aviation traffic. This results in crowds and queues, and likely makes for a stressful and long journey. In addition, any delays to scheduled services, particularly due to weather, will have a knock-on effect causing disruption. Private jet charter means you can avoid these busy hubs and have a much smoother and hassle-free journey by arriving at smaller private airports that are closer to the resorts, such as Sion, Chambery or Annecy. Arriving just 20 minutes before take-off means you can make the most of your holiday time and spend more time on the slopes. If you do want to fly into a hub such as Geneva, you can avoid the queues and crowds with access to the private terminal and a VIP experience. Private jet charter also makes for an easy getaway if you just have the weekend to spare – spend less time travelling, more time on the slopes and be back in time for the working week.



The flexibility of private jet charter allows you to tailor your flights to fit your plan. You can make the most of a quick ski weekend getaway by catching your flight straight after work, or you can get your family holiday off to an early start and make sure you are the first on the slopes. Your dedicated Account Manager will plan every detail of your flight to your preferences – from your choice of jet to your on-board refreshments. Our 24/7 customer care service that monitors all flights means any last minute changes to your plans can be made instantly.



Disruption can be a problem at popular ski airports and cause delays, whether its caused by weather or a technical issue. With Air Partner, you can have peace of mind that there is a team working hard behind the scenes to ensure plan B is in place to get to where you need to be. We also have a unique CharterPLUS guarantee, which means if required we will organise a replacement aircraft up to 150% of the value of the planned aircraft. We pride ourselves in offering a reliable and expert service, which is particularly important than when travelling to destinations prone to changeable weather. Our safety standards and quality compliance are of the highest standard and we only work with partners who meet our rigorous regulations.



If you’re a more regular flyer, the JetCard provides ultimate flexibility to your private jet flying. This pre-paid model allows you to purchase flying hours in advance and gives you access to premium benefits, such as a guaranteed aircraft with as little as 24 hours’ notice, cancellation the day before the flight without a fee and no expiry date of your hours. It also includes all de-icing costs, which is particularly beneficial when you’re travelling over the winter months. Ranked the most flexible private jet membership programme, the hours are inclusive of all additional costs and your dedicated Account Manager will organise every flight to your personal preferences.



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