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The efficiencies gained by using a specialist oil & gas aviation services provider

Air Partner - 18 ott 2018

There are many benefits to oil & gas operators using fixed-wing charter. Particularly if you consider the efficiency of tailored schedules and bespoke services, from a partner that also keeps industry-leading safety front of mind. These benefits are especially underlined when you use a supplier that truly understands your business. One who knows how to manage the logistical intricacies involved in your everyday operations - whether that's extreme weather, remote or inhospitable locations, working against the clock, or even the outbreak of war.

At Air Partner we've been overcoming these problems for oil & gas operators for more than 50 years. We provide fixed-wing charter services for the oil & gas industry, offering tried and tested services such as point-to-point crew movements and executive travel. Within our Group, we can also handle urgent freight deliveries and emergency evacuations.

We know how notoriously unpredictable the oil & gas industry is, and how tight the time frames and budgets can be. For all energy companies, unforeseen interruptions can be very costly. So we make getting both goods and engineers to your production sites fast and safe, to minimise downtime. We're experienced in planning and managing crew rotation flights, and can supply any size of aircraft, anywhere in the world, using the airports closest to your operations - often those not serviced by scheduled airlines. In addition, with our CharterPLUS guarantee, you have the peace of mind knowing that it's our contractual responsibility to ensure a successful operation, every time.

In summary, the key benefits of working with Air Partner on your fixed-wing charter are as follows:

• We are leaders in aviation safety.
• We offer you the flexibility you need.
• We can tailor schedules and services.

Here, with the help of some case studies, we'd like to elaborate on these points.


Keeping safety a top priority

We appreciate how safety needs to be front of mind for all clients, and is particularly critical in the oil & gas sector. We ensure strict compliance with local regulations and have an in-depth understanding of the IOGP. In fact, our Baines Simmons aviation consultancy helps shape regulations, including recent input into those for rotary aircraft. While our Clockwork Research consultancy provides a scientific understanding of the impact of human fatigue on safety-critical operations such as those on oil & gas. We also offer unique emergency planning services and response, including world-wide evacuation, security and medical support. At all times, ensuring safety is a priority...

Maintaining local and global safety standards in Ghana – A local Embraer 135 jet was chartered to operate daily flights between Accra and Takoradi port, for two service companies supporting projects in the oilfields offshore of Ghana. Clearly the operator was compliant with local regulations, and through regular meetings in Ghana, we ensured they were aware of the additional operational and safety requirements of our customer. In addition to the clients own audit of the operator, our Baines Simmons consultancy conducted their own safety assessments to ensure the airline was not only working to, but exceeding the standards of the customer and IOGP.


The flexibility you need

At Air Partner, we're used to dealing with transport to the often remote destinations you operate in, and we know that your options for a scheduled service could be limited or non-existent. So we arrange flights into small domestic airports, so your crew doesn't take unnecessarily long journeys, or need flight connections. We can even arrange all this at short notice...

The North Sea shuttle - When a troubled scheduled airline was grounded, we were asked to restore a vital air-bridge to shuttle oil company workers between Aberdeen and the Shetland Islands as quickly as possible. Having anticipated the problem, we already had replacement aircraft on standby, and in less than 24 hours launched two BAe 146s jets to keep the vital link open - to the amazement of our client. We soon added a third aircraft and the three jets operated up to seven crew rotations a day, every weekday, with up to 65 passengers a time, sometimes in severe weather. All in all, we ran more than 600 crew rotation flights.


Tailoring the schedule and services

When you charter, you simply tell us the dates and times that work for you - rather than trying to fit in with the flights set by a scheduled service. We've worked with many oil & gas companies over the past 50 years and have always been able to accommodate their needs. You can also control the on-board service - whether that's extra special food or tailoring the drinks service. And when it comes to remote locations...

Three times a week to Greenland - Our exploration client asked us to support their drilling activities in the Arctic Circle. We needed to move over 150 passengers a week to Kangerlussuaq, west Greenland, in addition to providing a regular service to Baffin Bay for seismic data surveying crew. We obtained several suitable fixed-wing aircraft to manage 260 charter flights from Edinburgh to Greenland, three times a week over a two-year period, and identified suitable airfields for the onwards connections within Greenland. We tailored all flight schedules to the needs of our client.


Air Partner - talk to us about the benefits of group charter

When you consider the time savings, the safety issues and the personalised scheduling, using a one-stop aviation specialist like Air Partner all adds up to operational efficiencies gained and costs saved. Think of the day rates of having the crew wait in remote locations for flight connections when they could be in the air on the way to your operation. Or the cost of downtime and suspended operations due to mechanical and technical failings, which you could save with a skilled and well-connected group charter team on-hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get the right people to the right places.

For that's what fixed-wing charter boils down to. You tell us where you need to be, and we make it happen.


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