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Why Flying private is the ultimate first class service

Air Partner - 27 feb 2017

Many who travel for leisure often focus on the destination – finding the perfect location, booking the finest hotels and seeking out the best restaurants – and can miss out on a number of benefits if they choose to fly commercially. If you are flying for business, however, and don't have the luxury of choosing your destination, you can still reap the benefits of flying privately in other ways. At Air Partner, we know what a difference private air travel makes – especially when your time is valuable. But, as our clients can attest, the reasons extend far beyond simply fitting more hours into the day.



No one likes wasting time travelling, and flying privately is quite simply the most efficient way of getting around – especially if you need to visit a series of places in quick succession. For example, someone from London attending business meetings in Paris, Flensburg, and Edinburgh could easily fit all these stops into a day when flying private – and even be home in time for dinner - whereas flying commercially would take up a full two days. Not to mention the fact that you can get far more work done on-board a jet due to the peaceful environment, quick internet access, and complete and utter privacy.

Flying private shouldn't just be reserved for business purposes, however: people today are busier than ever before so it's important to maximise the downtime you do have. Say you want to hit the slopes for a weekend or take a much-needed holiday with the family, the last thing you want is to spend unnecessary hours hanging around the airport or on the runway when you could be skiing or sunbathing. Similarly, you might fancy taking a trip somewhere exotic which can't be reached directly by commercial flight. Do you really want the hassle and inconvenience of a time-consuming layover?


We all know that a private jetlearjet interior will get you from A to B faster than scheduled services, but today the gap is wider than ever before. On average, commercial flight times are now longer than they were 40 years ago, and increased security measures mean you have to spend even more time in the airport too. Add to that long queues at passport control and suddenly even the shortest commercial flight can end up taking a good few hours – especially if the airport you're flying to or from isn't conveniently located.

Private jets fly around 6,000ft higher than an airliner, which means you get to take the most direct route and fly according to the weather, which can drastically reduce your journey time. And when the plane does land at its destination, there's no hanging around carousels praying that your bag has made the trip – the bag will probably beat you to the car.


When flying privately, it doesn't even matter if you are running late as the aircraft will just wait. There's also a good chance the airport will be closer to home too since you don't need to use the main hubs. No rushing or panicking involved.


When flying, we all like to know that we are in the safest possibly hands. At Air Partner, we carry out a rigorous audit process before allowing a private aircraft operator to become part of our global network, so you can rest easy knowing you are being flown by the best. We take contractual responsibility for all our flights so in the unlikely event you are delayed or experience an issue, we will get you back on your way as quickly as humanly possible.


family private jetTravelling privately turns a journey into an experience: it's no secret that being on-board a private aircraft is a lot more luxurious than your average flight, offering more space, more privacy and more attentive service. When you charter your own plane, the sky's the limit when it comes to what you can do. At Air Partner, we really have done it all, from simply supplying a client's favourite brand of champagne to turning whole cabins into discos for parties flying to Ibiza. You can even bring your pet on-board with you!

When you take all these factors into consideration, flying privately suddenly becomes rather good value for money – especially when your time is money – so think twice when it comes to your next flight booking.

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