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Case Studies:

Medical & Healthcare Cargo

With over 55 years of experience, the Air Partner Freight division are experienced with delivering urgent, outsized, time-critical cargo for the medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industry, following all specific regulations and guidelines for transport.

CASE STUDY 1 / COVID-19 Outbreak

Hygiene & Medical Supplies

With the COVID-19 outbreak beginning in Wuhan, our global team has responded to requests coming from our existing client base to transport a number of different commodities into and out of Asia. At Air Partner, our global Freight team has worked closely across each of our divisions, which include our Emergency Planning Division, Private jets, and Group Charter to stay as up to date with the unfolding COVID-19 epidemic.

Most recently, we were able to transport hand sanitizer from the US to China. With travel restrictions, our team was responsive to any time constraints. Understanding the significant impact on the business, which needed to meet the local requirements in order to serve the public, our team worked quickly to arrange the charter of two Boeing 747F aircraft, going from the US to China. All permits, loading and compulsory processes were handled by our team to ensure a smooth operation. A dedicated Freight team member was available on site for loading and coordination of the aircraft. The client was kept up-to-date throughout the delivery and made aware of the timings for arrival. With impending travel restriction requirements, our team was able to solve any documentation issues, using our collective experience along with our worldwide network to get the aircraft airborne and without any delay.

Also, our team recently arranged a series of charter for weekly cargo flights going from US to China. In order to deliver urgent cargo containing large steel drums of liquid chemicals for sterilizing agent, our team arranged multiple Boeing 777Fs, with a crew member on site to coordinate the aircraft loading each time.

Additionally, during COVID-19, before it enters the next stage of the pandemic, our team is handling charter for multiple cargo flights going to and from US, Europe and China. COVID-19 relief supplies include large quantities of hospital beds and sanitized rooms, personal protective equipment, including face masks and shields and safety suits and medical equipment from China to the US.

CASE STUDY 2 / Ebola Crisis Relief

Vital Supplies

During 2014’s outbreak of Ebola (which lasted through November 2015), numerous NGO’s, governments and aid agencies needed to provide relief goods to affected regions Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia with via cargo charter. The health critical aspects of Ebola made the provision of aid made the logistics particularly challenging, with many parts of the airports being closed and airport ground crew being prohibited to enter the aircraft for loading.

Our team worked closely with our clients to transport a tremendous volume of vital supplies. Chartering various types of cargo aircraft --- From AN12 to B747-400F --- the Freight team operated a total of 128 flights between the United States, Europe and Middle East and Freetown, Sierra Leone and Monrovia, Liberia.

During the peak of the crisis, the group faced the challenge of making cargo flight arrangements every 48 hours, which included cargo of medical equipment and supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), vehicles, and construction materials. Specialized arrangements to transport refrigerated plasma using temperature-controlled envirotainers.

3,400 tons of aid was flown and delivered, which was comprised of 150 ambulances, 1400 beds, over a million personal safety suits, a whole 92 bed medical treatment facility; including ambulances, tents, generators, air conditioning units and lighting sets, blankets, tarpaulins, sleeping pads, water tanks, jerry cans, generators and tents.

Having an extensive network of relationships and working around the clock, allowed us secure flight permits for landing overseas and ensure the shipments were delivered rapidly for the client.

CASE STUDY 3 / International Outsized Cargo

Portable Hospital Transport

To arrange the charter of a portable hospital going from the manufacturer in Turkey to Morrocco, our international Freight team chartered an AN-124 to transport an entire portable hospital on behalf of a ruling family using it as a private health center.

Weighing 44 tons, the portable hospital, which could be described as a modular clinic with 10 individual unit, including a reception hall, radiology room, operating theatre, dentistry unit, intensive care unit, pharmacy and medical store, and twin generators. For ease of transport and assembly on site, the demountable units were based around ISO 20 foot containers.

The AN-124 allowed the outsized cargo to be flown on a single flight to IBN Batouta Airport and delivered to its final destination. An on-board crane system eased the logistics for loading and unloading the large units to and from the freight aircraft and directly onto road vehicles.

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